By G9ija

Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) and some teachers under the auspices of Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools (ASUSS) in Kwara State are bickering over alleged poor representation and neglect of the latter.

ASUSS had on this year’s World Teachers Day demanded to be separated from the state chapter of NUT.

It said its fusion with the NUT had not been beneficial, adding that it had been a marriage of inconvenience.

The union alleged that NUT had continued not to let ASUSS stand on its own because of the monthly check-off dues from ASUSS members.

The state ASUSS Chairman, Mallam Mohammed Daodu, said: “NUT cannot shoulder our problems. When some of our teachers were sacked a few years ago for spending eight years on the same grade, due to no fault of theirs, NUT did not do anything, as it did not affect teachers in primary schools.

“The fusion of secondary school teachers with NUT is a marriage of inconvenience. ASUSS belongs to the state government, while NUT belongs to local and federal governments. Over the years, primary school teachers have been producing the leadership of NUT in the state. This is why the demands of secondary school teachers are not being met.”

But NUT first vice chairman in the state, Adigun Gabriel, told reporters at the weekend in Ilorin that secondary school teachers were adequately represented.

He described those behind the call for separation from NUT as retired teachers.

Gabriel, who said he is a secondary school teacher, added: “We want to inform the public that secondary school teachers belong to NUT.

“We appeal to security agencies to call the so-called leaders of ASUSS to order so as not to disrupt the industrial peace in the state. We also appeal to secondary school teachers not to allow frustrated retirees cause confusion in the union and in the state.”

The President of All Nigerian Convention of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), Kwara State chapter, Alhaji Toyin Abdullahi, said:

“In fairness, NUT has been so accommodating to teachers in secondary schools in terms of distribution of positions at local and at state levels. This has made the leadership of ANCOPSS to be recognised at the state and national levels.

“Those agitating for separation from NUT are retired teachers. Who are they going to serve? They have their ulterior motive for bringing out newly recruited teachers. NUT is one in the state. Teachers in secondary schools are united and we are one.”