French First Lady Brigitte Macron’s daughter has hinted that she may have her sights set on a career in political office, telling a French publication that she often meets with government ministers to offer them advice.

Tiphaine Auzière, 36, was just ten years old when her mother, then a drama teacher at the school she attended, met the 17-year-old pupil and future French President Emmanuel Macron.

Now, following the death of her very private father André-Louis Auzière, 68, in December, Tiphaine Auzière has stepped further into the spotlight, giving an interview to Paris Match.

An activist for President Macron’s Le République en March party and a lawyer by training, Auzière told the publication that she often presents government ministers with her latest projects and sometimes even offers her own advice on policies.

But she was keen to stress that she would never be hampered by the rules of the Élysée, saying: ‘I act and I inform [them] afterwards.’

Auzière, admitted during the interview that began calling President Macron ‘the UFO’ when he started dating her mother and still used the nickname.

She said that his reputation as a ‘leader for the wealthy’ hurt her, adding: ‘People don’t know what he’s done’ and speculating that the party was not able to convey its message well beyond its Paris base.

Auzière, who lives in the port city of Calais, told the magazine how she had travelled to Paris to discuss legal policies with with Éric Dupond-Moretti, the justice minister.

She said: ‘We spoke, amongst other things, about accompanying victims, prison reform and reintegration.’

The activist has been involved in local issues, including combating domestic violence, stopping classroom closures and a campaign against a wind farm, wrote Paris March, but Auzière claims she is just a ‘committed citizen’ rather than a future politician.

Despite this, there are reports of alarm at the Élysée over blowback from some of Auzière’s projects.

This is not the first time Auzière, a mother of two, has prompted speculation that she may want to become part of her step father’s government – in a Trump dynasty

Rumours arose when Auzière opened a private sixth form college in Paris last month.

Some took her involvement in the school, which has annual fees of €9,500 to mean that President Macron had turned his back on state education.

The school was then tarnished with allegations that it’s co-founder, Christophe Cadet, an educationalist, was engaging in inappropriate ‘relationships’ with male pupils from another school and had links to Catholic fundamentalists.

Cadet denies the rumours and is still supported by Auzière, reported The Times.

Auzière also spoke to the magazine about her late father, whose death only came to light in the interview, Auzière told Paris March: ‘I adored him.

‘He was different, a non-conformist who wanted his anonymity more than anything else.’

An intensely private man, André-Louis Auzière withdrew from public life after Brigitte Macron left him for the future president.

He assiduously avoided interviews after the couple and their love story became international news following Emmanuel Macron’s election win in 2017

André-Louis Auzière was also father to Laurence Auzière-Jourdan, Tiphaine’s elder sister, a cardiologist who was in the same class as President Macron at school.

She also campaigned for Macron in the 2017 election.