Danny Cipriani and his fiancée Victoria Rose have tragically lost their baby.

Danny Cipriani looking at the camera© Bang Showbiz Danny Cipriani
The 32-year-old rugby player has revealed he and his partner have been through a “difficult” time after she lost their baby boy, who they named River, 24 weeks into her pregnancy.

The sad news comes during a “challenging” year for Danny, who was also mourning the death of his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack, who took her own life in February.

He wrote on Instagram: “It’s been a challenging year, for many different reasons. I’ve had to emotionally overcome and heal in different ways that I haven’t experienced before.

“In doing so it brought up old trauma and wounds that were unresolved. Then the most beautiful thing happened, I was going to be a father and I fell in love. Deeply in love. For me falling in love was the scariest thing to do hence my behaviour over the years, she is the most magnificent, kind, wise, and beautiful person I’ve ever met.

“At 24 weeks we lost River, our son. Was and is always going to be difficult, but we supported each other through it and found our love grew and got stronger.”

But the sportsman insisted he wasn’t writing a “sad post” as he was feeling grateful to reflect on past times and vowing to be a stronger and better person in the future.

He continued: “This may seem a sad post, it isn’t.

“This break now from last season and reflecting is a special place to be. I’m more determined than ever to keep growing, learning and loving with my woman.

“I’m also locked in to represent myself the best I can on the field which to this day I still don’t think I have done… The future is exciting it’s going to take hard work. I’m ready.”