Country singer Cam has tapped Harry Styles and Sam Smith to co-write tracks for her new album, The Otherside.

The 35-year-old star has links to the Brits after co-writing Smith’s track Palace and supporting both him and Harry on the road and so she simply picked up the phone and asked them to be part of her new project.

“I have just these incredible co-writers on here that normally, you know, you don’t see artists coming on another artist’s album like this,” Cam says to “I’m so grateful to have so many talented, wonderful people give their hearts into this, too.”

And, though it was great to land Smith and Styles’ services for the album, Cam admits it was really special to get late DJ Avicii involved, but he died in April 2018 before they could complete the track they worked on together.

“I felt I had to get this right for his tastes, for how much of a perfectionist he was, and also just for his family and his legacy,” the singer shares. “I’m so proud of how it came together.”

The Otherside drops on 30 October.