The DJ and influencer – who is expecting her first child with her partner Tom Andrews – can’t believe she has a human growing inside her, but has slammed the expectation for pregnant women to “bounce back” with their weight and body shape so soon after giving birth.

She shared: “I am just fascinated by my body at the moment, but also with everyone’s obsession with its weight. I sometimes look at my body, or take pictures of it from different angles (like here), and I just don’t recognize it. Like, if someone did a body line up and asked me to say which body was mine, I honestly don’t know if I could (unless I saw my tattoos). Equally, I’m in awe of it. I can’t believe how much it’s transformed over the last few months. The fact I currently have a little boy in there who has hair, eyelashes, eyes that now open, and a willy – it’s a miracle. But I’m also fascinated in a sad way at the narrative around pregnant women’s bodies – I’ve had so many messages about how much weight I’m gaining, how I’m staying skinny, and my plans post birth. I’ve had people say things like: ‘Wow you’ve hardly put on any weight! Are you following a diet?’, ‘Do you have plans to ‘bounce back’?’ Right now, my priority is just trying to grow a healthy baby. I exercise when I can because it makes me feel better, but equally I don’t if I’m tired. Not consuming enough calories can impact a baby’s health so I’m certainly not worrying about my food intake – plus my word you need a lot of energy to house a baby. “

And now Ashley is pregnant, she “can’t believe she ever had insecurities” about her pre-baby body.

She added in the lengthy Instagram post: “And as for after … I can’t believe we have to even answer questions about our body when we have put it through childbirth and have a little baby to nurture. That said, I feel good when I’m moving my body, so I hope it won’t take me too long until I can. It just shouldn’t be something we have to talk about. That said, I look back at my body pre pregnancy and can’t believe I ever had insecurities. It’s funny isn’t it? It just shows that our bodies aren’t the problem. And I know I’ll look back and miss my little bump, so I’m just trying to embrace and enjoy all the changes happening. Our bodies are just amazing, and it’s so sad society makes us doubt that.”