By G9ija

A Member of the House of Representatives, Sada Soli (APC-Katsina) has stated that the proposed Kano-Katsina-Jibia to Maradi rail line in the Niger Republic and Dutse-Jigawa would boost economic development in the region.

In an interview with reporters, Soli said those criticising and opposed to the idea do not know much about the volume of trade which takes place in the region.

He said the rail line which costs $1.95 billion, would ease the movement of goods and services in line with ECOWAS Treaty to which Nigeria is a signatory.

“So, the component of railway attached to it will improve trade, it would guarantee the movement of goods and services which is in line with the ECOWAS treaty, which we have signed.

“This rail line is not going into the Niger Republic; it is going to the border between Nigeria and Niger, where there is a container terminal built by the Nigerian Government.

“We have our immigration there and now and then they discharge goods there.

“It is easier for transportation, it would help our roads; you know there is a dual carriage road being built from Kano to Jibia if we do not have the railway, how do you save it.”

“There is no state in the north that does not go to Kano for some form of business transaction and the road from Kano to the Niger Republic is a trans-Saharan route.

“So, people who are saying there is no economic viability, say so because they do not know the volume of trade which takes place in Kano.”

“There is what is called silk road from China to Europe if we have the capability, there is no reason Nigerian Government cannot construct a railway from Nigeria up across the West African region because it is to our benefit.’’

Soli said that similar developments were ongoing in other parts of the country and that there was no reason any region should be left out.

“This government has come with the initiative that would widen opportunities for the citizens; are you saying that people from Kano and Katsina are not Nigerians.