Kate Garraway has expressed her frustration over her children not being able to see their father, Derek Draper, at hospital.

Speaking on Monday’s Good Morning Britain, the 53-year-old – whose husband has been in hospital since March after contracting coronavirus – talked about Donald Trump’s “reckless” decision to jump in a car despite him isolating with the disease.

As you can see in the video below, Kate was visibly moved as she made the impassioned remark.

“When you look at the footage of him doing that at the hospital, ‘I’m dong fine, I’m fighting the virus, great, I’m here to win an election,'” she said. “It plays into the idea that if you get coronavirus and survive then you’re a hero. You are not, you are very lucky.

“Derek still hasn’t been allowed, even though he has no longer tested positive for the virus, his children can’t visit,” she shared. “His mum and dad haven’t seen him you know, and I personally believe that actually him having contact like that would possibly be a great benefit.

“There are children who have died whose mum and dad can’t see them. So why does he think it is more important for him to get in that car?”

“The heroes are the people that are treating you and helping you to survive and he’s not just putting the people in the car at risk. He’s putting the people treating them at risk,” she added.

Kate’s husband Derek was sadly rushed to hospital in March

Meanwhile, Kate was also quick to defend actor Dominic West, who appeared to “celebrate” the US Preseident’s diagnosis on air last week.

“He’s been in touch directly with me, he’s been in touch to apologise personally to me, and he wasn’t aware Derek had had coronavirus and was still sick, and was worried that I’d been upset by it,” she explained.

“He’s not a Trump supporter. I think it’s a symptom of Donald Trump’s behaviour throughout this pandemic that he has appeared to thumb his nose at it, and he was jumping for joy at the idea that he might now feel the effects of it,” Kate added.

“I don’t believe Dominic West would wish someone ill. But the problem is is Donald Trump is still carrying on doing that. When you look at that footage of him doing that [ignoring guideline], while at the hospital.”