By G9ija

More Nigerians are reaping the rewards of consumer patronage and brand loyalty as over 200 lucky winners across the country have emerged star prize winners to become instant millionaires in the ongoing Dangote Cement Bag of Goodies Consumer Promo Season 2.

While the new millionaire consumers of Dangote Cement product jubilate over their good fortune and windfall, there are still better days ahead for other Nigerians, as around 800 more consumers are expected to win the star prize of N1,000,000 each before the promo ends in November, in roughly seven weeks’ time.  From the results garnered so far in a programme billed to put smiles on the faces of Nigerians in a season of gloom occasioned by the ravaging coronavirus pandemic, 204 lucky consumers had won the star prizes as at last Tuesday, September 29, and three out of that number have won the one-million-naira cash prizes more than once. 

This positive trend is aside the thousands of other mouth-watering prizes won so far by Nigerians, which include television sets, refrigerators, smaller cash prizes, Dangote Food Goodies packs and recharge cards, among others.   According to a national breakdown of the star prize winners, the South West (SW) region has the current highest figure of 52 millionaires; Lagos (LO) as a stand-alone region has the next highest figure of 51 lucky millionaire consumers; the North Central (NC) region has 38 star prize winners; while the South South (SS) region so far has 26 millionaires from the ongoing Dangote Cement consumer promo.