Officials at Iranian & Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation (IKWRO) have slammed Brooklyn Beckham over a “disgusting” picture of him playfully holding fiancee Nicola Peltz’s neck.

Brooklyn Beckham holding a sign posing for the camera© JRP/WENN
The snap, which shows the pair fooling around while seated at an outdoor table, was posted to the actress’ Instagram feed earlier this month, and she wrote in the caption: “tb (throwback) to prom night.”

Although Brooklyn added in the comments, “My amazing girl,” IKWRO founder Diana Nammi insisted the couple was irresponsible to turn such a serious matter into a joke.

“It is disgusting and I think with serious matters no one should allow themselves to make a joke,” she said, reported the Daily Mail.

“We are talking about living people – it is not a doll to play with, so I think this is sending a very wrong message, a very dangerous message to young people especially,” she added.

Nammi went on: “It is so dangerous and his position is so important and not only him but his family need to discuss it to say something in the media that they are not that approving of that, because of their position especially.”

Urging the couple to post an apology for their wrongdoing, she concluded: “I think he has to really learn how to treat women, he has to go to healthy relationship education courses and learn how to act as a responsible human being.”

Neither Brooklyn nor Nicola has responded to the backlash, but fans have rushed to defend the pair, remarking: “Anybody with eyes could see there was nothing untoward about their pic.”