Trevor Noah exasperatedly broke down the “brutal” first presidential debate, which saw Donald Trump interrupt Joe Biden an estimated 73 times.

Broadcasting live from Ohio on Tuesday night (29 September), the debate saw the presidential candidates go head-to-head on topics including coronavirus, the economy, race and the integrity of the election.

During the debate, Trump questioned Biden’s intelligence, while Biden called the president a clown.

Noah kickstarted his breakdown of the debate by shouting the words: “What was that?!”

He then proceeded to sum up what had happened by impersonating Trump’s continual interruption of Biden, stating: “Trump would not shut up.”

Noah then urged moderators to learn “how to handle” Trump at a debate, suggesting giving them a spray bottle they can use when they want the president to stop talking.

“I promise you Trump will be quiet because his hair turns into a gremlin when it gets wet,” he quipped.

Noah also said somebody “should give Trump $100 for every time he lets Biden finish his sentence”, adding: “Now that we’ve seen his tax returns we now know he needs it.”

The host concluded that there was “one upside” to the evening: “We know what the Fight Club sequel will look like in 40 years.”

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