Lea Seydoux has teased that the upcoming James Bond movie, No Time to Die, will reveal a new romantic side to the iconic secret agent, declaring it a “modern” love story.

Madeleine Swann in the film, shared that Bond will fall in love again after viewers witnessed him having his heart broken by Eva Green’s Vespa in 2005’s Casino Royale.

“I mean it was important to see Bond in love again because he had this relationship with Vespa but she betrayed him,” Seydoux mused.

“But this time I think (Dr. Swann) is the real love in a way,” she continued: “I think it’s really the film is a love story it’s a story between the two of them so it’s very unusual for a Bond film to see James Bond in love right? And I think it’s quite modern in a way.”

Seydoux went on to say that Daniel Craig, in his fifth and final reprise of 007, has deepened the character’s psychology.

“In this film it’s even more psychological and more emotional and I think that it’s something that Daniel (Craig) as James Bond created with this character,” she observed.

Contemplating that Craig “created a character that is more vulnerable and who has flaws” Seydoux added that she thinks audiences will relate to this aspect of him: “I think that’s what we like as an audience and it’s true that James Bond is like a… it’s not a real world right? But what we like is that in this world we can relate to the characters.”

No Time to Die will hit cinemas in November.