By Debola Ayinde

Today, i want to talk about Keto flu and the electrolytes.

A lot of people stop eating the ketogenic way,hence altering their fat burning process because they dont know about how to supplement their lost electrolytes.

Please,read below to learn about Keto Flu and electrolytes supplements.

The Importance of Supplementing with Electrolytes on Keto

On a Keto diet the body burns electrolytes much faster than normal. Most of us are already low on electrolytes, so reduction of electrolytes in the body during ketosis, can cause many symptoms that are characterized as the “Keto-Flu”. 😟

The electrolytes are👇
👉Sodium: Important for controlling blood pressure & retaining normal levels of water in your body.
👉Magnesium: Responsible for over 300 different important biochemical functions in the body.
👉Potassium: Deficiency can lead to constipation, irritability, physical weakness, loss in muscle mass and skin problems.
👉Calcium: Helps form and strengthen teeth and bones. Helps with blood clotting, transmitting signals between nerve cells and regulating blood pressure.

When a person doesn’t replenish their body’s electrolytes when on a Keto diet, they often experience cramping, aching, fatigue, headaches, cough and irritability. This is a sign that the body’s electrical system is out of balance.

Debola Ayinde, a Teacher, a Dietetic, a Mother and a Wife, live’s in Ibadan.
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