A tourist in Thailand faces up to two years in prison after posting negative reviews of a hotel on Tripadvisor. The Sea View Resort claims that Wesley Barnes, an American who was visiting the Southeast Asian country, wrote a string of damning reviews. The hotel has responded with legal action, a serious move as there are sentences of up to two years imprisonment for those convicted of “defamation by publication”.

Swearing parrots removed from wildlife park
A group of parrots have been removed from a UK wildlife park after they started swearing at customers. The five African grey parrots, adopted by Lincolnshire Wildlife Park last month, taught each other a string of obscenities that amused staff, but caused an issue when they began hurling obscenities at guests.

Greggs fan gets logo tattooed on her bum
A sausage roll lover has missed Greggs bakery so much during the Covid-19 pandemic she has got the chain’s logo tattooed on her bottom. Caitlin Jones, 20, from Paisley, Scotland, said: “I’m obsessed with Greggs and I’ve always loved their sausage rolls. I decided when the tattoo parlours re-opened that I was going to get something to share my love for them.”