By G9ija

Popular Nigerian rapper, Divine ‘Rema’ Ikubor, has declared that he was already making millions before he attained stardom.

Rema made this known via a series of posts on his Twitter page.

The 20-year-old said he made millions before he got his fame, so no one should feel that money is changing him.

rema lands

Read his tweets below ;

Niggas don’t wanna see a kid win, they feel I got it too easy. I shower with my sweat, we go off on this side like the days in BENIN it got nun to do with my deal, come and sign these papers without a hustler spirit, you gone lose! Management gone change my password now lol

When we in the same room together don’t label me proud or rude because I don’t smile, talk or laugh to your jokes.

I done made millions before this fame, let no man feel this money changing me.

I done did Melodies that never existed in this world, go listen to my records. I swear them engineers thought I was crazy when I say turn off the auto tune.

I told D’prince sir I’m making money where I’m at I think I’m good. D’prince said to me stop what you’re doing and come to me boy “you’re the chosen one”, this music shit is gonna pay if you trust me!