By G9ija

Rapper, Erigga has taken to Twitter to lament that Nigerians have turned the Big Brother Naija reality TV show to a “show of hate”.

Erigga laments

According to him Nigerians are not ready for a reality show as they do not know what it entails.

Erigga stated that any reality show that divides Nigeria as a country should not be aired on TV for three months, adding that people have become aggressive and violent while supporting their favourites.

Erigga laments

He further opined that the country should should rather stick to football and elections.

He tweeted,

“Nigerians don turn big brother 9ja to ‘show of hate’ so sad

“Show when suppose promote love amongst Nigerians don turn avenue to hate on each other because of everybody get their fav

“To me oh … we never ready for reality shows make we just stick to football and elections after all Na reality update

“Anything that is suppose to divide us as Nigerians should not be on our tv for 3 months but then again capitalism will always have its way after all its all about the MONEY and never about the LOVE …

“Until one misinformed Stan do something stupid to your fav because of ignorance una go dey see am as normal levo, mind you Nigeria security system na cast.. Na who get money get security Na 9ja we dey no forget”>. He added.