Mariah Carey has shared that she was quietly relieved when police showed up at her mother’s home to take her to the hospital during a family fight in 2001, because she desperately needed a break.

In a new chat with Oprah Winfrey during an episode of The Oprah Conversation, the singer revealed her mum, Patricia, called the police and told them her daughter was having a breakdown and going through an “emotional crisis”.

Although Carey didn’t approve of her actions, they gave her the emotional pause she needed in her life.

“There was a code switching that happened and a power shift that was immediate,” the Hero singer said, adding: “It was immediate and she was in charge and instead of saying, ‘I’m taking care of my daughter, she’s tired, somebody called the cops by mistake’, or whatever, it was like, ‘Oh no, because you defied me, this is what’s going to happen’.”

Carey recalled: “But in the backseat of the police car, it’s a vivid memory I’ll never forget… at that moment, that seemed like a better alternative than where I was.”

Carey told Oprah she didn’t feel like she was suffering a breakdown, but she was overworked after promoting film flop Glitter.

“If they had given me even two days, I would have gotten up, gone to the video shoot and made the video…,” Mariah added. “People push artists to the edge and then they wonder why people are gone too soon,” she reflected.