Jose Mourinho took the time to honour his promise to take a photo with a Macedonian journalist after his heartfelt plea.

The Tottenham boss was asked by journalist Igor Aleksandrovic for a photograph ahead of their Europa League clash against Shkendija, a request of his deceased father.

With no hesitation, the manager agreed to his request – and the photo has now been shared on social media.

The pair are posing for the camera, with Mourinho holding a thumb up while Aleksandrovic points to the 57-year-old.

And the Spurs faithful were quick to heap praise on their manager, with one supporter saying: “Great to see from my club.”

While a third simply added: “This is beautiful. Hats off to the coach – much respect to him.”

Mourinho was asked for the photograph in the pre-match press conference on Wednesday ahead of the Europa League third qualifying round clash.

Aleksandrovic said: “This is a unique opportunity for me to ask you a question. I have to ask you something on behalf of my father.

“He is now in heaven but he told me when he was very sick that if I ever have an opportunity to see to ask for a picture with you.

“He has massive respect for you, and if you allow me to take a picture with you I will frame it and put it in his eternal resting place. If the match goes well will you allow me to do that?”

And Mourinho replied: “Thank you so much. The picture has nothing to do with the result. The picture is done, let’s do it.

“If you can meet us before the game, or maybe in the hotel is easier. If it’s after the game, it’s after the game. It’s nothing to do with results.

“My pleasure to do the picture with you. And my honour to your father and respect that he feels so strong about me. I don’t deserve that.”