By G9ija

Ford announced plans for a new plant to build the electric version of its bestselling vehicle, the F-150 pickup.

The plant will be located in Ford’s massive Rouge complex, the company’s historic factory site in Dearborn, Michigan, just south of Detroit.

The new building will be a gleaming structure of glass and steel, a stark contrast to the hulking, nearly windowless steel buildings on the century-old site, where Ford has built iconic vehicles from the Model A to the Thunderbird and Mustang to the traditional gasoline-powered version of the F-150.

Ford says it will invest $700 million in the facility, which will assemble both the electric pickup and electric batteries. The plant will add about 300 jobs to the complex where more than 7,000 already work.

Production at the new plant is scheduled to begin in the middle of 2022. Many automakers, both traditional and upstarts, are planning electric pickups in the next few years.

The site of the new plant is surrounded on three sides by the Dearborn Truck assembly line, the body shop and the paint shop which produces the traditional F-150, the bestselling US vehicle for more than 40 years. The land under the new site once housed the plant that built the Ford Mustang, before that plant was torn down to make room for Dearborn Truck.