By G9ija

America’s death toll from coronavirus officially crossed the 200,000 mark on Tuesday night, as 1,142 new deaths were reported by 2400GMT.

According to, 200, 142 have been killed by the virus or complications arising from it.

Confirmed infections are also increasing, standing at 6,786,776, with
35,076 recorded as new infections.

Recovery rate for the infected is however improving.

As at Tuesday, 4,060,126 have been treated and have recovered.

The active cases now stand at 2,526,508. Over 14,000 cases were classified as critical.

United States President Donald Trump is hoping that a vaccine will be ready soon, to prevent the escalation of infections and deaths.

America has led the world in COVID-19 grim statistics, in confirmed cases and deaths.

Its records are now being chased by India, which has the world’s second worst incidents of the virus, at 5,018,034 at the last count.

The death toll for the Asian country was 82,091 on Tuesday night.

Brazil, which is the world’s third worst affected by the virus has 4,384,299, with a death toll of 133,207, second to America.