A British child caught up in the Islamic State conflict in Syria has been rescued from the country, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has announced.

“Pleased we have been able to bring home a British child from Syria. As I have said previously, we assess each case carefully,” Mr Raab said on Twitter this morning.

“Safely facilitating the return of orphans or unaccompanied British children, where possible, is the right thing to do,” he added.

For legal reasons, further details about the rescued child cannot be reported.
The repatriation team, led by Martin Longden, the UK’s Syria envoy, left Syria with the child on Tuesday.

Last year Save the Children said as many as 60 British unaccompanied minors may be in Syria. It is unclear how many of them have been brought home, but it is thought to only be a few.

“Their short lives have been full of violence and fear but with the right care they can bounce back, recover and amaze us. They deserve that chance, no matter what they’ve been dragged into by the decisions of adults,” Save the Children spokesman Alison Griffin said at the time.

“For the British children among them we can and must give them the safety they need by bringing them to be cared for in the UK.”