Saoirse Ronan has shared that she doesn’t consider herself an activist for the causes she promotes, but still wants to raise awareness of charitable efforts using her public profile.

The actress has lent her voice to several issues, including the Me Too movement, the book and podcast Feminists Don’t Wear Pink (and other lies) as well as being an ambassador for the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

However, the Little Woman star doesn’t want people to see her as an activist, acknowledging that she just uses her platform to push the hard work of activists without celebrity status.

“I don’t consider myself an activist. It would be unfair to say that, given the very small amount of work I’ve done with people who really dedicate their lives to it,” she told a virtual master class at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sunday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Being a mouthpiece for the people that actually know what they’re talking about is really how I always felt about it,” she explained.

“I’ve met a lot of people that support incredible causes and are unbelievably passionate about it and incredibly hardworking in terms of getting the message out there, and I’m kind of like everyone else in saying, ‘oh, what do you need me to do to spread that message out there?’,” Saoirse admitted.

Saoirse was in Toronto to promote her latest movie, Ammonite, a fossil hunting period romance in which she stars alongside Kate Winslet.