By G9ija

Massive explosions have occurred in the city of Zarqa, north east of Amman the capital of Jordan.
The cause of the explosions is not known yet, but they lit up the city miles away.
There were reports that the explosions came from a military ammunition depot.

Some locals reportedly compare their intensity to the explosions witnessed in Beirut, capital of Lebanon in August.

Reuters confirmed the explosions came from the ammunition depot.

It was not immediately clear what caused the explosions in an area where there are dozens of army bases on the outskirts of the sprawling industrial city.

Residents said that windows of homes were shattered in parts of Zarqa, where large flames could be seen.

Jordan’s state news agency said the explosions were in the Ghabawi area, east of Zarqa city, but gave no further details.

There was no official statement on the incident.