Ivanka Trump dubbed Alyssa Milano her “hero” years ago but has disappointed the actress by acting as an “enabler to her destructive father” Donald Trump.

In a post on her Instagram account published over a week ago, Alyssa Milano said she is “sad” to see how Ivanka Trump has evolved after becoming the first daughter of the United States. In the post, the “Charmed” actress shared a tweet by Ivanka in 2014 in which the White House adviser declared that she has a “total girl crush” on Milano.

“I’m admitting to a total girl crush on @Alyssa_Milano. She’s hilarious! And incidentally, one of the first people I followed on Twitter,” read the tweet by Ivanka.

Sharing a screenshot of the tweet, Milano revealed that Ivanka had told her she was her hero when they first met on the sets of “Project Runway All-Stars.” The 47-year-old further requested her followers to join the team of Democratic nominee Joe Biden instead of that of Ivanka’s father Donald Trump for the upcoming presidential elections.

“I met Ivanka Trump when I was hosting Project Runway All Stars, she told me I was her hero. I’m sad to see what she has evolved into. Text “VOTE” to 30330 to join #TeamBiden,” the mother-of-two wrote.

In a recent conversation with Yahoo Entertainment, for promotion of her new film “SURGE” which she has executive produced, Milano reflected on her comment and the time she spent with Ivanka. She said: “I met her a couple of times and once I spent the day with her because she was guest judging on “Project Runway All Stars.” When I met her in person, she told me I was her hero. I don’t know how the two things can be true.”

“How can I be someone’s hero who also is an enabler to her father who is very destructive?” the actress and political activist added. Milano also said that Ivanka has put herself in a situation where her “life and livelihood kind of depends on the success of her dad.”

“If he isn’t reelected and there are criminal charges brought against him, does the whole family go down with him? I think it’s going to be a lot harder for her to get patents and be the businesswoman she professes to be. It’s a necessity at this point. This has got to work for her otherwise what else is there?” she said.

Milano’s upcoming film “SURGE” is also a political documentary, and tells the story of three women who ran for Congress in deeply red areas of Texas, Indiana, and Illinois in 2018.