By Debola Ayinde

👉 May protect brain function:
Some studies, such as this 2019 review, suggest the ketones that generate during the keto diet provide neuroprotective benefits, which means they can strengthen and protect the brain and nerve cells.

For this reason, a keto diet may help a person prevent or manage conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

However, more research is necessary into a keto diet’s effects on the brain.

👉 Potentially reduces seizures
The ratio of fat, protein, and carbs in a keto diet alters the way the body uses energy, resulting in ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic process during which the body uses ketone bodies for fuel.

The Epilepsy Foundation suggest that ketosis can reduce seizures in people with epilepsy — especially those who have not responded to other treatment methods.More research is necessary on how effective this is,though it seems to have the most effect on children who have focal seizures.

A 2019 review supports the hypothesis that a keto diet can support people with epilepsy.The ketogenic diet may reduce epilepsy symptoms by several different mechanisms.

There are a lot of benefits when one eats the keto way.

When will you embark on this journey or i should ask when will you be serious with this lifestyle?
You have nothing to lose but to gain.
Until tomorrow when i will be talking about the “ketogenic Flu”,continue the fat blasting.💪🏻💪🏻.
This information was culled from Medical News Today.

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