Kanye West was a staunch Donald Trump supporter before he launched his own presidential campaign for the 2020 elections, and continues to speak highly of the United States president. It has been repeatedly alleged that the musician’s presidential bid is an attempt by the Republican party to siphon black voters away from Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Kanye West added to these rumours last month with his meeting with Jared Kushner, senior White House adviser, and Donald Trump’s eldest son-in-law. In an appearance on Nick Cannon’s “Cannon Class” podcast, the musician defended his meeting with Kushner and said he can meet whoever he wants.

When Cannon told the rapper about the perception that there are those in media who think “he’s (Trump) using you as a puppet,” Kanye said: “I’m not one of these, ‘I’m Black so I’m Democrat,’ 95 percent of Black People are Democrat. I wanted to meet with Bernie Sanders before, he wouldn’t meet with me.”

“Now I’m fine to meet with Biden. I would meet with anybody. I love everybody. Jesus loves everybody!” the 43-year-old added.

The “Jesus Is King” rapper further explained that Kushner, who is married to US first daughter Ivanka Trump, is a friend of his. “I knew them before they were in the White House. Trump used to go to award shows with Puff Daddy,” he said.

“Okay, I meet with Jared Kushner, and everybody want to ask me questions. This is my expedition I’m driving. I don’t gotta tell you… I can meet with whoever I want. You know why? Because I’m free.” he added.

Kushner had also commented on the meeting between him and Kanye insisting to reporters that they met as they “both happened to be in Colorado” at the same time” and had a “general discussion, more about policy.” The 39-year-old said that Kanye “has some great ideas for what he’d like to see happen in the country, and that’s why he has the candidacy that he’s been doing.”

Kanye’s presidential bid comes at a time when he is struggling with a serious episode of bipolar disorder, which also created turmoil in his personal life. After making a series of controversial comments against his wife Kim Kardashian, the rapper took a vacation with her and their four kids to work on his and Kim’s six-year-old marriage.

The pair is on better terms after the family vacation last month, but according to a report in People magazine, “their marriage still needs work.” “Kim and Kanye are doing well. Kanye is in a better mental state. Their marriage still needs work, but Kim is getting across to him. He is not shutting her out and wants to be with his family,” a source told the outlet.

“Kim continues to be incredibly patient and understanding about Kanye’s desire to run for president. She just wants to get through the next few months peacefully. She is kind of standing back while Kanye does whatever makes him happy,” the insider added.