By G9ija

Katsina State Government on Tuesday activated a new mechanism to put in check public servants who may attempt disclosing unauthorised official information to members of the public who often turn around to embarrass the government with unsubstantiated allegations.

Head of Service (HoS), Idris Tune told reporters that the government would not hesitate to invoke the provisions of extant laws including the official secrets act to punish civil servants who abuse their privileged positions by releasing official documents and information to unapproved recipients

He insisted that the earlier directive on the patronage of social media platforms also extend to the unauthorised release of official documents and privileged official information to individuals and agencies unknown to the government.

“The reminder circular we issued concerning disclosure of public information through any application on the social media is to awaken civil servants on the basic elements of our ethical foundation’’

“If we are to go by the rules of our own foundation, we are not to be heard and the oath of secrecy is one of the fundamental instruments been administered to any civil servant before given the trust to work in public office’’