On Aug. 17, beverage company Diageo announced that it had acquired Aviation American Gin as part of a deal worth more than half a billion dollars. Ryan, you’ll recall, became a co-owner of the gin just two years ago. Deadline reported that the deal is for an estimated $610 million depending on sales, with a $335 million upfront payment. Ryan will still have an ongoing ownership interest in the brand. After the sale, Ryan said in a statement, “A little over two years ago, I became an owner of Aviation Gin because I love the taste of Aviation more than any other spirit. What I didn’t expect was the sheer creative joy learning a new industry would bring. Growing the brand with my company, Maximum Effort Marketing, has been among the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever been involved with. I want to thank Diageo for their incredible team and passion. We’re so excited for the next chapter of Aviation Gin, which, I promise, will require just as little reading.”