By G9ija

The chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Southeast; Bishop Goddy Okafor has lamented the activities of herdsmen in Nigeria and Southeast in particular, stressing that it poses a great danger to the food security policies/programmes of President Muhammadu Buhari led government.

Bishop Okafor who stated this in Aba, the commercial nerve of Abia State in an interview with our reporter said it was high time the service chiefs and heads of other security agencies in the country thinker a way of pulling the country out of the current insecurity and endless bloodletting going on in the country, especially in the Northeast.

The Southeast CAN leader who joined the call for President Muhammadu Buhari to rejig his Service Chiefs said “The killing going on in Southern Kaduna is very disturbing. We’re one people and we believe we’re one Nation. But for these persistent killings going on in Southern Kaduna to keep occurring without the Federal Government doing something drastic to stop it, is very disturbing.

“We (Nigerians) are beginning to ask questions. We want to know if the Federal Government of Nigeria does not know what to do to bring peace to Southern Kaduna? Does it mean that they do not have the political will to stop the killings?

“Nigeria is a great country, but if we keep allowing things like this to persist, it will throw everyone into confusion and one will be wondering do I really belong here.

“Or could it be that what Femi Adesina said two years ago is beginning to play out when he said that if Nigerians want to stay alive, they should give their lands?

“Could it be that someone is interested in possessing the land belonging to Southern Kaduna wants to wipe them out in order to take over their land?

“Are the bandits are really human beings or spirits? If they’re human beings, our law enforcement agents should go after them and stop them.

“These people that are being massacred day after day are Nigerians. Federal Government owes it to them as a duty to protect them; it is their responsibility to protect lives and property.

“Every day bandits with AK-47 will go into Southern Kaduna, and begin to kill people and burning houses. They’ll finish and go and nothing will happen. And when the Southern Kaduna people who are being killed say let’s try and defend our land and few of their men pickup sticks, cutlasses or den gun to scare away their invaders, they’re the people the government will go after.

“The bandits are not been talked about. This is very disturbing and Southeast CAN have become uncomfortable with the killings.

“We’re calling on the federal government to their best and stop this. Let them prove to Nigeria’s that there is no government connivance in these killings.

“Let them prove that FG is not in any way in support of what’s happening there. Governor of Kaduna State once said that he had a meeting with these evil bloodsuckers and even settled them at a time.

“So, if they can hold a meeting with them, why can’t they arrest them? Why can’t they do something drastic to stop this?

“Nigerians should no longer be massacred on the altar of religion, tribal or differences. Federal Government should do something as a matter of urgency.”