By G9ija

Olamide Alabi-Akala, daughter of former governor of Oyo State, Alao Akala has made another big move in her passion for business by venturing into an agricultural business after launching a new brand, called Uméra Farms.

Olamide disclosed that Uméra Farms was birthed to augment various government efforts in diversifying the Nigerian economy through agriculture.

Uméra Integrated Services Ltd porduces organic farming, organic chicken, organic egg, cow sharing among others

“We work and think hard at Umèra to bring you the best from our farm to your table. Our Cows, Goats, Rams, Chicken etc are processed in clean and sterile environments,” Olamide stated.

“We care about your health, and we know you also care about your health, this is why UMèRA is your healthy choice,” she added.

Olamide further stated that the primary goals of his company is to create jobs for youths and empower our women in order to break the chain of poverty and contribute meaningfully to the economy.

She, however, urged others coming into Agrobusiness just as it is with every other business that would be successful, a major foundation upon which success is built and achieved is a clear vision, planning – well-articulated expected inputs, outputs, challenges expected, opportunities, marketability, profitability, return on investment etc.