By G9ija

A professor in the Department of Wildlife and Ecotourism Management, University of Ibadan, Lameed Gbolagade, has advised Nigeria to look inward for a cure and vaccine against coronavirus and other forms of viral infections.

In an interview with journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Gbolagade, said: “It is time for us to re-focus our research attention toward indigenous remedies instead of synthesised drugs from western countries.

“Research institutes should also be encouraged with funding support to carry out studies on different unforeseen catastrophes of this nature. Adequate financial support should also be given to academic institutions to carry on researches.”

Gbolagade, a professor of wildlife ecology, noted that there are a lot of indigenous medicines that could be used against viral-infections, though they must be tested and proved as strong efficacy. Some of the tree species, including Khaya senegalensis, turmeric, ginger, garlic, iyere, onion, and so on contain good phyto-medicinal ingredients capable of curing COVID-19.

“If the speculation about the source of coronavirus is correct, then the whole world is facing another serious cold world war between the super-power countries of the globe.

“Therefore, in a situation like this, every country, Nigeria inclusive, must prepare for the extra-mile to face and combat new methods of warfare, which is no more based on artilleries, but now focusing on weakening the opponent strength by viral-war.

“It is time to establish an Institute of Viral and its para-felial effects in the country. These will aim to predict, prevent and secure quick measure to reiterate such epidemic and pandemic effects.

“Our hospitals must be well-equipped and attention must shift from seeking medical treatment abroad by upgrading existing medicare available here.”

Gbolagade, however, noted that major and sub-major sectors of the country, including entertainment, tourism and sports have been badly affected due to the lockdown in many parts of the country as a result of the COVID-19, adding that people all over the world are already losing the taste of recreation and relaxation.

“If these effects of total lockdown persist longer than expected, some are envisaging three to five months, many tourism centres or recreational areas will become moribund and irreversible effect may set in. To re-activate such events and centres will become both expensive and take only serious-minded stakeholders, which in most time become subjective and priority of the governments or institutions concerned.

“Although, nature has ways of correcting itself and this could work to some extent to favour their recuperation from different inimical usage by humanity in the time past, the level of pollution is said to rescind since humans activities halted in the past months. Globally, there is hope to survive the current situation, but the bitter lesson will never be forgotten, which countries in the world must have learnt.

“Almost all the world was caught unawares and dislodged in social and economic development, which are to some level unbearable or become bitter pills to swallow,” he said.