By G9ija

Premier League captains are adamant that players’ wages go straight to the National Health Service rather than owners’ pockets or transfer funds.

That’s according to a bombshell story in the Independent which claims that all 20 captains have been part of a Whatsapp group for the past few days and are determined not to bow to Government pressure on wage reductions.

The Professional Football Association released a statement on Saturday night in reaction to Health Secretary Matt Hancock saying that Premier League footballers have to “do their bit” and reduce their monthly wages during the coronavirus pandemic.

The PFA statement posited the fact that a reduction in wages would also see a reduction in taxable income, therefore not helping those who need it most.

There is said to be uproar amongst players who believe that a wage reduction will only benefit the clubs they play for, and not charities related to the NHS.

In a tense video call this weekend, it has been confirmed that every captain in the league has agreed to play hardball.

Players are also said to be furious with Liverpool’s confirmation that they will be using the Government’s furlough scheme to pay their non-playing staff.

“Many are irate,” one involved source told the Independent. “Put it all on the players and then just take government money.”

Discussions will now continue on Monday.