By G9ija

In a bid to drive the sustenance of corporate performance through culture integration, AXA Mansard Plc, said it has partnered with Smithworks Limited.

At an event organised by both companies, themed, ‘Leveraging culture for driving and sustaining growth’, which included a live session and workshop with a global culture expert; Dave Eaton, AXA Mansard disclosed this.

Speaking at the event, the Head of Learning and Development, AXA Mansard, Olumide Ekun, said the move to promote corporate performance was geared towards providing insight into key cultural dimensions and how businesses can leverage renewed culture to attract and retain top talents.

“The world is constantly changing and the onus is on everyone to ensure they identify the gaps between the culture they have and the culture they need to achieve top performance across their organisation.

“At AXA Mansard, we constantly challenge ourselves to ensure we identify key cultural dimensions that can be used to map our organisation whilst identifying strengths and tailwinds we can leverage to produce even greater results in our organisational health,” Ekun said.

In attendance were heads of public institutions, leaders of professional associations, human resources managers, project managers, small business owners as well as leaders of private institutions and nonprofit organisations.