By G9ija

NiMet’s weather outlook released on Tuesday in Abuja predicted the temperature of Yelwa and Jalingo as high as 40 degrees Celsius.

For Wednesday, the sunny condition is anticipated over the northern region during the morning/evening period. Partly cloudy conditions with spills of sunshine are anticipated over the central cities during the morning/evening period.

“Partly cloudy to cloudy conditions are likely over the inland cities of the south with chances of thunderstorm over Edo and Ondo axis during the afternoon/evening period.

“Cloudiness is expected over the coastal cities with chances of thunderstorms during the afternoon/evening period over places like Delta,“ it said.

NiMet forecast northern cities likely to remain in sunny conditions on Thursday while the central cities are expected to be in partly cloudy conditions during the morning/evening period.

It envisaged partly cloudy conditions over the southern cities in the morning with chances of thunderstorms over Owerri, Enugu, Ondo, and Ibadan.

“For Friday, northern cities likely to remain in sunny condition while central cities are expected to be in partly cloudy condition in the morning with the prospect of thunderstorm over Southern Abuja, Lokoja, Kwara, and Makurdi during afternoon/evening.

“Partly cloudy to cloudy condition is envisaged over the inland cities and coastal cities in the morning hours.

“Later in the day there are better prospects of thunderstorms over the island and its coastal belt,“ it said.