By G9ija

Residents under the aegis of Property Owners Residents Association (PORA) at Ira Nla community in Ajah in the Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area of Lagos state, have called on the state government to intervene to open up entry and exit points used by residents of the community allegedly blocked by one Alhaja Amatullah Ajibola.

Alhaja Ajibola who is a wife to Justice Bola Ajibola, wassaid to have blocked the entry and exit points due to the fact that she has a property close to the road.

But in an interview with reporters, Leader of PORA, Ira Nla Community, Sir Chima, explained that the blocked entry and exit is the only strategic route in and out of the community hence the call on the Lagos state government to intervene.

“Alhaja Amatula Ajibola sent in some thugs to block the only strategic entrance and exit point of the Ira Nla community and for now no one can make use of that road because a wall has already been erected to block it. Even pedestrians cannot access that road. We have informed our community members not to take laws into their hands but we are not happy with the situation. We are pleading with the Lagos State government to come to our aid”. He said

According to him, “Before now, she has been harassing people and claiming people’s land by stating that it was the government that gave her those lands, but even if that was true, did the government give her the right to block the only entrance and exit point to the community? This just looks like she is taking laws into her hands”.

Sir Chima noted that the laws on land ownership in Nigeria needs to be amended. “I do not see a reason why someone will start grabbing lands from people just because you have an upper hand or connection with some people in government, it is very bad and is not safe because if the person refuses to give out the land to you, there may be cases of lives being lost,” he said.