Google is starting a new logo as part of celebrating Google Map at 15 and also highlights some of the improvements on Google map and achievements.

Andre Kowaltowski, Product Lead, Google Maps, Local Search and Google My Business across Latin America, Middle East and Africa made this known on Thursday night during a video conferencing.

He noted that Google maps is in over 220 countries and territories.

The Nigeria News Agency reports that Google Maps would be 15 years on Feb. 8.

Kowaltowski said that there were specifics on Google Maps that was peculiar to Nigeria because of its dynamic nature, especially Lagos.

According to him, about 70,000 localities, neighbourhood villages added to the Maps while 150, 000 businesses and other point of interest hospitals and schools helped to improve the street view for Nigeria.

He said it was achieved through the machine learning and partners who were the local guides, saying that the street view would be updated regularly because the cities were changing.

”Over the years, we’ve constantly brought new innovation to Maps; pushing the boundaries of how technology can help you get around in the world.

”In 2007, we first introduced Street View, letting you virtually explore city neighbourhoods and places from around the world.

”We brought real time traffic to Maps to help you find the fastest route and we were the first to put the world in your pocket with Google Maps on your phone.

”Now, we’re using machine learning to bring completely new experiences to Maps with features like Live View.

”As we celebrate 15 amazing years of pushing boundaries and helping people navigate and discover the world around them, Google is excited to announce a few new changes to Maps and also share how these improvements tie back to our mission,” Kowaltowski said.

According to him, Google Maps is getting a new icon; the app layout has been redesigned,

He said that the `Traffic tab for Danfo (commercial buses) that was launched in 2019 in Lagos was well received and a success which would be introduced globally.

Kowaltowski said that Google was monitoring closely the changes in legislation and even the restrictions on motorcycles would be taken into consideration.