By G9ija

Nollywood actress and filmmaker, Mercy Johnson Okojie, is set to release her first produced full-length feature in Nigerian and Ghanian cinemas on January 24.

The movie, ‘The Legend of Inikpi’, which premieres on January 19, is set in the ancient Bini and Igala Kingdoms. It is based on the true story of revered Igala princess ‘Inikpi Oma Ufedo Baba’ who chose to give her life for the freedom of her homeland, the movie shows two great kingdoms on the brink of war. When the Oracle informs King Attah of Igala Kingdom of the human sacrifice demanded by the gods, the king plunges into despair, haunted by the ghosts of his past; this is a sacrifice he is not prepared to give.

“I believe I’ve been called to tell Nigerian stories,” said Mercy Johnson, who produced the movie.

“From the feedback we have so far, people are ready to know more about our culture and our past. It’s an honour to be the vessel to tell these stories.”

The movie stars Mercy Johnson Okojie as Queen Omele, Sam Dede as Attah Ayegba (king of Igala kingdom), Paul Obazele as Oba Esigie of the Bini Kingdom while Odunlade Adekola co-stars as Prince Attah Ayegba, Saidi Balogun as the Oracle of Igala kingdom with newcomer Nancy Ameh as the titular Princess Inikpi.

‘The Legend of Inikpi’ was directed by Frank Rajah.