By G9ija

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday stressed Germany’s commitment to NATO, saying her country should take greater responsibility within the military alliance.

“At the moment, Europe is unable to defend itself,” Merkel said in the German parliament in Berlin.

Germany has to work towards unity within NATO, while at the same time recognising that Turkey is a difficult partner that has to be kept in NATO for strategic reasons, she said.

Speaking ahead of the alliance’s 70th anniversary, Merkel referred to its significance during the Cold War as a “bulwark” for freedom and peace.

She paid tribute to “our American friends” for their contribution to the alliance and emphasised NATO’s contribution to stability in the Balkans and Afghanistan.

Germany has been at pains to counter the recent remark by French President Emmanuel Macron that the alliance is suffering “brain death.”

NATO heads of state and government are to meet for a summit in London next week.