By Caroline Fapohunda M.D.


Surely there is a future (and a reward), And your hope and expectation will not be cut off Prov 23.18 AMP.

 We have been on the birthing stool! And our time of expectation is here, our time to manifest is now. As we lay hold on the power of expectation and master the art of expectation, our future is turned around and great destinies are birthed, becoming reality in Jesus name.

We must learn to be expectant, and have the right expectation aligned with the word of God: we do not want to cut off our expectations by our character, habits or attitude etc – we therefore have the ability at the present time to make a demand on our future, whilst our expectation connects us to the supernatural for God’s supernatural intervention called the manifestation of miracles.

Manifestations of miracles, dreams visions, are delivered on the platform of expectation: the woman with the issue of blood Luke 8:43-48 was suddenly healed by a touch after twelve years of seeking a solution to her problem, she pressed on, she believed, she was expecting to be healed … touching the fringe of Jesus’s outer robe. Suddenly, there was a manifestation of that which she had hoped for, because she was expectant, inspite of the crowd! The twelve years of embarrassment became history. It was like a dream. God is God he will surely come through.

Ps 126:1 – The bible mentioned here ‘When’ the Lord brought back the captives to Zion, we were like those who dream – it seemed so unreal. However, we need to understand that God’s timing is always perfect, just as all of his ways are perfect (Ps 18:30, Gal4:4). God is never too early and he is never too late, he knows exactly where we are in our lives at every moment. And we know that all things including those difficult trials – work out for the good of those who love God.

The creator of the universe indeed hears the cries of His children and he will answer those cries according to His according to His perfect will and timing. ‘A righteous man may have many troubles; the LORD delivers him from them all’(Ps 34:19).

As we enter our moth of Manifestation, let us be encouraged that our expectation is only of God, and he is committed to fulfil his word in our lives, as we see them come to pass.