By Lola Adelusi

 have been on a search, the journey has been long and it has by no means ended for my search continues, this is how it began….
As a little girl, i went to Church with my Parents alongside my siblings it was pretty much a boring time till the festive period especially Christmas. Easter did not really mean anything to me but then came a day i watched ‘Moses the lawgiver’ and ‘KING of Kings’, the latter had such impact that i could not eat and i could not get the Man on the Cross off my mind for days, soon enough it all became water under the bridge. Then i got into secondary school.

Here, i had a school teacher who introduced the term ‘born-again’ the impact of that was lost on me because it seemed to be full of strict rules and that did not go well with me so the box room became my hiding place on Sundays. In my third year, of secondary my older Sister gave ‘her life’ and that quickly spread to me and other siblings we had a lot of pressure from her that helped us make a ‘decision’ for Christ as we were afraid of an eternal doom in hell. That on hindsight became a turning point of sorts in my life.

Then came the University days of freedom and partying, it was awesome, the only downside being ‘burning in hell’ for the partying and other ‘sins’ that the Church meted out on us for not living the ‘Christian’ life style. I believe my questioning mind had too many questions that made me restless. For one i could not understand why i could not wear trousers, paint my nails, wear make up etc so i became a deviant of sorts. 

Started work and got married. Marriage made me a believer quickly owing to challenges i knew only a superior Being could solve. I attended church regularly took my ‘born-again’ status more seriously and boy, did i pray! It was during this period i noticed GOD chose prayers that HE listened, GOD had people HE listened to and these people were few and of an elevated status. Answers to my prayers were sporadic and i sure could not count on HIS constant support so, i tried harder, got stricter rules to follow maybe just maybe HE would look my way, i sought for mercy and grace, i was constantly asking for forgiveness even for daring to breathe. 

This lifestyle was certainly not for me so i would back slide and come back to the LORD in tears yet slowly i died inside because i could not understand the unfairness of GOD, the gamble of having one’s prayers answered yet testimonies seemed to abound around me, i kept searching determined to find out what i was doing wrong and why GOD would not answer my prayers! 

Then i came across this scripture ‘as HE is so are we in this world’ 1 John 4 vs 17! That changed my belief system, led to me discovering there are two realities of Jesus every man must understand to get out of the gamble! It would take much more than what we have been fed in the Church and it would take each individual taking responsibilty for their walk with Christ. I discovered that as a ‘body’ called in the natural Jesus was prepared to host GOD/Spirit so have we been given bodies to host GOD/Christ.

Walking in this reality is the anchor for our souls, it is the assurance of Sonship that confirms the scripture 1 Cor 3 vs 21….’all things are yours’. It however depends on how you think Proverbs 23 vs 7.. i discovered imagination is the heart of faith, if i do not first conceive something in my heart by imagination and living in the reality of that imagination experiencing all the thrills as if i already received it.

I  actually did receive it the moment i asked because the book say whatsover i desire in my heart Matt 11 vs 24. I began to see that everything is all pretty much wrapped up. The ball has always being firmly in my court not GOD’s! I understood the concept of the ‘Cosmic Christ’, i understood GOD and i are truly ONE. I  now understand that everything that is, is in the womb of Christ in GOD.

I understood i could go to heaven whenever i chose to, i did not have to wait till death, infact i understood man in Christ is GODman not a human being that is subject to death, sickness and other things, we are not supposed to die like mere men! There are realms and realms available now waiting on the Sons of GOD to visit, these are the mansions prepared for us these are galaxies not mere houses!

We need to understand the things prepared and enter into them they are to be enjoyed, let it enter into your mind, let Sons arise, we are not a people without help, we are not orphans! There is so much more in the realm of Sonship….