By G9ija

Fulani group National President of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), Khalil Mohammed Bello, has affirmed that “Cattle herders are not Terrorists.”

According to the group, “whoever is terrorising people in the name of Pastoralists to us is considered a criminal act and a disservice to pastoral practice”.

This position was contained in a press statement he signed and made available to newsmen in Damaturu on Wednesday.

According to him, on many occasions sounds synonymous with that made by some criminal gangs are heard under the cover of the night and on a few instances during the day.

He stated that the criminal in their wickedness often attack innocent Nigerians disguising as pastoralists, saying such inhumanity is not acceptable and condemnable.

Bello described KACRAN as a peace-loving and law-abiding association and strongly condemned criminal acts under any guise.

“We are calling on the federal government to take drastic action against any person or group of criminals who are spoiling the good names of our novel profession, which is as old as the man”.

“We strongly believed that terrorism is a crime against humanity, which negates the norms and values of pastoralists and that of Pastoral practice”.

“For this reason, we are warning those criminals who are spoiling the good name of our pastoral occupation by associating it with any form of criminality to immediately stop their barbaric act, which is actionable and punishable”.

The association appealed to persons and groups perpetrating evil in the name of pastoralists to put an end to such activities in the interest of peace and unity among the people.

“We also call on the federal government and security agencies to perform their civic duty and act promptly in fishing out these culprits responsible for atrocities in the country in disguise to dent the image of our fellow Herders and their nomadic life”.

“To those who are ignorantly or intentionally accusing all Pastoralists as being terrorists should put an end to this act. We are good citizens of this great nation. The culprits must bring an end to this act of blackmailing as it is not in any way helpful to the unity and development of Nigeria”.

The Fulani group leader clarified that pastoralists are people that move their livestock in search of pastures and water points to feed livestock.

“They are instrumental in the creation and strengthening the unity of our beloved country. Go to the Western or Southern part of this country, you will find Pastoralists in large number and speak the languages of their host communities in Yoruba and Igbo languages among other tribes.

“The trouble makers or unpatriotic Nigerians and are people committing heinous crimes in the name of Pastoralists”.

He added: “We in KACRAN reject in totality and condemn any act of inhumanity and brutal killings in whatever form in the name of pastoralists. All that we want is peace and unity of our dear county”.