By G9ija

A N3-billion high-tech greenhouse nursery that is capable of producing between 300 and 350 million tons of hybrid tomatoes seedlings has been established as part of  Dangote Tomatoes Processing Plant  in Kano. The goal is to make Nigeria self-sufficient in tomatoes production.

The Managing-Director of the Farm, Mr. Abdulkarim Lawal Kaita said in Kano that the  greenhouse nursery will facilitate increased production of high quality seedlings  which will support  farmers  for  production of fresh tomatoes and locally made paste.

Kaita said the company’s new investment  is capable of stopping the over $350 million the Federal  Government spends  annually on the importation of processed tomatoes.

He said the country consumes 2.3 million tons of tomatoes paste, “but we have the capacity to produce eight million tons annually, exceeding local consumption.  You can now imagine how much the country can make on foreign exchange.”

He added that the farm which is fully automated is the largest and first of its kind in West Africa, adding that the farm is expected to enhance the economy of the local tomato farmers, as the technology is expected to increase their harvest from the current 10 tons per acre to as much as 40 tons per acre.