By G9ija

From your son Frank Adetounbo

Thanks mum for the privilege of being your son. You were a caring mother to us your children and
Grand children who are already missing you seriously. The legacies you left behind in your children
and grandchildren cannot be over emphasized.
When you came back from England and we met again after a long separation, you were determined to make me a better person. Initially, I thought you were very hash on me because of the drastic (so I thought) changes you tried to make in me in order to achieve the desired objective. Later in life, I realized that you did all that to prepare me for what I later met in life. Thank you mummy for song like Bata re a ro koko ke, ti o ba kawe re, omo to moya re loju o and so on and for one story you tell constantly – The Boy who like to say thank you. Also for some of your quotes like “what is worth doing at all, is worth doing well”, “anything you are doing for others, you are doing it for yourself” etc. I am eternally grateful to you because without your strictness and guidance, I would not have turned out well.
You taught me contentment, hardwork, dedication, right attitude, respect etc. and above all the fear of God. I will miss your constant prayers and advice. You were a super special mother, teacher and epitome of discipline.
Even when my father was not available, you were determined to make sure that Toyin and I did not miss him. You denied yourself so much and work so hard to make us valuable children. I will never forget the many nights you had to stay awake to bake cakes so as to earn extra income to take care of our needs.
Mummy was a virtuous woman, hardworking, disciplined, strict and does not play politics. She is frank and does not hide her feelings. She also showed lots of care and love to her brothers, sisters, cousins, relatives and other people that she came across.
Mama Ibeji, we will all miss the constant and continuous prayers anytime we call you. To call you, I make sure that I have enough airtime because when you start praying, it is very difficult to stop you. Personally, I will miss the assurance of no problem anytime I bring personal problems to you. You will always say don’t worry am going to Prayer City, Redeem and Koseunti in Akure to pray about it. We the children and grandchildren have lost a great intercessor, a woman who never let Jesus leave the wheel for a second.
Memories of times spent together is all I have left to hold onto. All the sweet things you did for us.
Mummy was a very strong woman even at the height of her health issue, she made sure that it never affected her emotionally and physically and try to down play it, in order not to make us the children worry.
We rejoice for the privilege of having to outlive you because that was one of your greatest prayers. I really could not have asked for a better mum and if I have to choose again, I would choose you as my mum over and over again.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Makanjuola.

Hmmmm…I don’t think I can ever stop missing you, Mum.

I miss your Prayers, Calls, Smiles, Love and Corrections when needed.

You taught me to be a virtuous, and contented woman.

You also taught me how to bake and decorate cake skilfully.

Whenever I see those beautiful pictures of yours with charming smiles…I say to myself, I DON’T BELIEVE MY MUM IS GONE.

I thought you will stay a little longer to see your heart desires and Prayer concerning the Twins, one of which came to pass recently.

You were a woman of great reputation among your colleagues home and abroad.

My loving and caring Mum, I know you are in a better place…a place where we meet to part no more.

Good night, Mum.

Wole Olubodun

Hmmm what can i say about a wonderful mother? A woman always praying for me? A disciplinarian to the core yet so loving. She was God fearing and goes the extra mile for others. She was very cheerful.  To be honest i really miss her a lot. Your prayers over us   will manifest for us. It has been a privilege to be your son and also a honour to have you as my mother.

Sleep well Adieu

Bode Olubodun

My mother, hmm what can I say

She has been a massive influence on who I am today.

When it comes to discipline, she was number one. She didn’t tolerate nonsense from me whenever I misbehaved. She was quick to crack the whip when deserved even to the extent of beating me in school when I was in primary school.

When it came to home training she was there. She taught me how to cook, bake, wash and take care of the house. If you cannot cook, then you will not eat. Her policy was that she didn’t want any lady to hold me to ransom because I couldn’t do those thinks. 

When it comes to education, the word “I can’t” she never wanted to hear from us. She encouraged us through all means she knew. I remember a time when I said I didn’t want to read, she came up with a hard option for me which was – write and sign that you have refused to go school again for your education, and that she will file it for the future.

When it came to prayers she was relentless. I remember one of her earliest prayer points for we the boys which was—Lord, let us not make a girlfriend our wife and our wife a girlfriend. You can imagine this kind of prayer when you are just entering university (the last thing on one’s mind).

Whenever I call her, the greeting is prayer and at the end of the conversation it was prayer. The only way to shorten it is to tell her that your credit is about to finish. Also I remember the cure for anything was to read Ps 91 inside water and use the water. When I tell her to take things easy, her answer was always – I have no other work than to be praying for my children and grandchildren.

She was a very strong woman, despite the fact she was going through serious health challenges, she insisted that she didn’t want anyone to know so that they will not worry over her and she didn’t want anyone to have pity on her.

Before her home going, I remember one of the last things she told me over the phone which was, if I cannot have strength to attend church programmes, then let the Lord take her home.

Yeye Taiye as I fondly call her, Rest in peace in the Lord.

Your son

Idowu Olatoye

My mother, my darling mother, how can I ever forget you?  An action woman, disciplinarian, full of love and compassion. Mummy was my friend, my confidant and my gist partner, we always had something to talk about, no dull moment with her. You taught me to always give thanks to GOD no matter what was happening around me and to believe that HE would give me the best after praying to HIM.     My mother was not perfect but she had a good heart towards all.  So I celebrate her for a life well spent.                

Iya Idanre you came you saw and conquered because you gave your life to CHRIST and I know you are in HIM now waiting for us to join you there at the appointed time.                                 

My LORD I thank you for taking good care of my mum and all that concerns her I appreciate  YOU for your mercies and tender love.  YOU kept and preserved her so much for us that all we can say is thank you LORD.  OBA AWIMAYEHUN, ATOFARATI BI OKE, GBANI GBANI TI A SA BA. I love you LORD.  Mum I love you and your memories are sweet  sleep on till  we meet to path no more.

 Mrs Mojirayo Adetokunbo

All Glory to God Almighty for a fulfilled life that Mummy lived, a life worth celebrating. You were selfless, hardworking and a disciplinarian to the core.

Your love for God was beyond measure. Attending church programs Monday through Sunday was your weekly routine. We will surely miss you especially during Christmas when we all come together to celebrate the festive season with you.

1 Corinthians 15:22 says, just as Everyone dies because we all belong to Adam, everyone who belongs to Christ will be given a new life.

May the Lord grant you eternal rest.

Rest on dear Mother in love.

Tribute from your Daughter in love,

Your Son in law…Rev. Dr. Adesina Makanjuola.

I never believed that your departure from the earth would be so soon.

I will miss your LOVE, CARE, COUNSEL, ENCOURAGEMENT AND REGULAR PRAYERS… Particularly, when talked on phone. There is this particular prayer that you prayed…YOU WILL NOT EMBARK ON THE JOURNEY OF NO RETURN, which though being a Pastor who prays for people and also gets prayed for, I never heard from anyone. I remember that no phone call to you would end without it.

You were never intimidated by anyone…”YOU CALLED A SPADE A SPADE”.

You are a Mother in law indeed.


Mrs Constance Olubodun

How best can I describe my very dear Grandma? A woman of strength, great understanding and love for God. Very cheerful and always smiling and prayerful too.

You infected the children with your neatness. Once they know you are coming, they tidy their rooms and ensure everything is in order.

I remember times we both sat and talked into the night and you end up praying your heart out for me.

The pages of this book may not be enough to say all you were to my family. I will miss you dear Grandma. Until we meet again at the feet of Jesus, Rest in Peace

Oluwatoyin Olubodun

My mummy, you fought the good fight and you are now resting in the Bosom of your saviour.

You were loving, prayerful and a very strong Woman both physically and mentally. I remember all the times I followed you to decorate venues for events, decorate cakes together, shopping at Yaba market for cake orders, your office in Unilag and so many beautiful shared moments.

You were hard working, never a lazy moment with you. Your work ethics was top notch. And above all you never stopped praying for us. I am grateful to God that kept you to see all your Children and grandchildren doing well, making you proud. Sleep on my dear mummy, love you and will miss you.”Mama Ondo” a nick name the Jebutu’s fondly call you, I guess you and mummy Jebutu have continued your sisterliness in the bosom of your saviour. Sleep on mummy.

Your Daughter

Your son Olatoye Olaosebikan Oluwagbemiga.

Hello dear, it shall be well with you, “ona atije atimu ko ni kodi mooyin lowo” a regular phrase in a phone conversation with you, it doesn’t matter whether you are the one calling or I am. You were never in a hurry always peaceful, straightforward and bold to a fault.
Granma, I couldn’t have prayed for a better mother in law because you were the best there was and is. Words cannot express my gratitude for seeing what others could not see in me. I had hoped that God will extend your stay beyond now but you had made your impact. Thank you for not just being my mother in law but also my mother and intercessor.
Oh! Who will pray that prayer of “you will not embark on a journey of no return for me again? When you are ending your call, it’s ” Ese eku itojumi, omo na a tojuyin o” while indeed you were the one caring for us all.
Thank you for your impact in my life and family. Good night mum.


Iyanu Olubodun

Grandma you really left this world so soon, but just kn ow that I will always remember you as the strong, determined, smart, diligent woman that you portrayed all throughout your life. My earliest memory of you is you telling me how hard you have worked in your life and I can honestly say that you have instilled many values that I will take to my own grave with me. I always will and always have loved you.

Adetokunbo Oluwaseun Samuel A Letter to a Wonderful Grandmother

Dear Grandma, God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be

So he put his arms around you and whispered

“come to me”,

We can all shed tears that you are gone

Or we can all smile because you have lived,

We can remember that you are gone

Or we can cherish your memory and let it live on,

The wise words you spoke

Some were never clear,

All the lessons you taught me

Will still remain right here,

I know the pain will slowly leave

And your memories will stay,

Your time with us was special

And will always be remembered,

You were more than just a Grandma,

You were a friend, a mother and a shoulder to lie on.

My life has changed forever

But I will always remember you till the end.

From John Makanjuola

Grandma I love u so much u mean the world to me, to my mother and my family. I am so glad that I met a person like you and you changed my life in so many ways that you cannot understand. I love you and you will be missed

❤James Makanjuola Grandson

My grandmother was so helpful and supportive throughout her time in the UK with us.
Additionally, she made sure that I was mentally and spiritually okay especially in my education.
Thank you grandmother for all the prayers over the years.
I am sincerely going to miss you. See you in heaven…RIP

Peter Makanjuola.

Firstly, I will like to thank you for the part you played in my family. Especially, in my Mother’s life, how you brought her up, which has helped her in training us well.

Grandma, though we had our moments, I still love you. I remembered, when we had to eat Amala almost every day because of you, which I did not like.

I also remembered those times we went together to Church on Wednesdays, such good moments.

I will forever be grateful to God for your life for bringing us (James, John, Paul and I) to the United Kingdom, which has given us diverse opportunities.

Oh yes, your prayers were answered in the lives of James and John, they are now in the University.

How would it have been for you to see my brothers and I grow up into FINE YOUNG MEN.

I Peter Makanjuola promise to make you proud. I love you, Grandma. Rest in Heavenly Peace.

David Adetokunbo

Grandma, from the bottom of my heart, I miss you. I love you so much that I don’t believe the love will ever cease. Anytime I think about you, tears drop from my eyes because I have lost a Grandma so dear to me. A grandmother who always prayed for us, encouraged us and taught us morals and important values needed in life. You were a great mother, teacher and grandmother. It is very hard to find a grandmother like you. No matter what, you will always find time for us especially during the Christmas holidays where we all gather as a family and as one. With your delicious cakes, food and treats. And I love it so much when you make us do great works especially during Christmas by making us go to different houses to give food and show Christmas spirit. And also make money. You were caring, hardworking, diligent, strict and sincere with a good heart. And I know that right now you are with God in heaven.

Good night Grandma, May your Gentle Soul Rest In Peace.

Feyi Olubodun

Thank you for the priceless time you spent with me, either face to face or on the phone. I only hope that you can be proud of your grandson as you watch me from above.

Paul Makanjuola

Grandma raised me to be a gentleman. Helped me to distinguish right and wrong. Grandma corrected me when needed. Grandma seemed harsh but, now I realised it was for the better. Grandma was helping. Even in our last conversation on a Friday evening she was joyful. She never let anything hold her back, there was nothing that could hold her back from doing what she put her mind to. Rest in eternal peace Grandma.

Ilerioluwa Olubodun

Grandma was a devoted woman of God and very prayerful. Very loving and kind and a good disciplinarian who took no nonsense from any of us.

She gave me good advice and encouraged me to be close to God and close to my books too so I could be great in life

She was so funny when she was alive and I miss her for all that she was to me. I love you Grandma.

Victory Ekweani

Hmm, my beautiful Grandma, the disciplinarian, agile and strong woman, fashionable mama, thank you for always praying for us. 

You were a good woman, a wonderful adviser and a no nonsense woman. You encouraged me to work hard and never be lazy. I will miss you greatly and I know you are with Jesus. May your soul rest in peace.

Adeyemi Aderibigbe

My grandma was so dear to my heart she took good care of me from cradle till she went to be with the LORD. She was a grandma indeed.  I would not forget all her good deeds in my life. She taught me the way of the LORD, how to be hardworking. I love you so much grandma adieu                 

Folorunsho Aderibigbe

I remember the stories my mum told me about how you took good care of me during pregnancy till she put to bed and you gave me the name Enitaniyanuoluwa. I also grew up sharing sweet memories with you. I also will not forget your prayers ” wa sorire wa mo we e, wa pass, kii se pass jeke jeke o, excellent distinction ni olorun a mu se ikeee” grandma I will surely miss you.

Olatoye Oluwamayomikun

O my lovely Grandma, she was God fearing, truthful and straightforward. I can’t forget your words of encouragement and lessons on the need for me to be serious with my academics. Thank you for your love towards me and my siblings. truly you are a good and faithful grandma. And I miss you  goodnight grandma.                      

your little Ileanuoluwakisu Olubodun

To my wonderful and adorable Grandma. You always asked for my welfare. Your smile made me happy, your prayers gave me strength. 

You never came to see me without buying something for me. Thank you for taking care of me and all you did for me. I miss you very much Grandma but I believe you are with Jesus in heaven.



Rest on in the Bosom of our Lord- Tribute to my dearest sister. 

Sister I missed you very much when I remember your care when we were young and when I came back from boarding you were my sister as well As my best friend. 

Anytime I call you, I remember how you pray for me and my children.  Whenever I remember my daughter’s wedding, I cannot forget the role you played for its success. When I see most of the clothes we used together, I feel so lonely. 

The times you took care of me and Ibironke when we were young, indeed you were a good sister to us. I thank God that my sister had a good life, lived well and with that unmistakable affectionate smile. Goodnight till we meet to part no more. 

Jones Akinboni

TO THE MOST AMAZING SISTER IBIRINOLA… Thank God for his goodness, though you will be missed by all. We are yet grateful to God among peers who were born on the same day as you, some did not survive the first year, some died as teenagers while others did as youth but God kept you and even made you to see not only your children but also your grand children. It is my purposeful prayer and wish that God Almighty who only can console will abide with your children you left behind and support them. Although no matter how old one’s loved one may be, it is as if they should not go. Continue to rest in peace.

PASTOR MARCUS AKINMBONI – Indianapolis, Indiana USA.


My pillar, my support,
The glue that holds the family together,
Passionate, loving, selfless and irreplaceable,
My role model, the one I look up to,
Prayerful and God fearing.

The impact you have made in the lives of those who came in contact with you cannot be fully explained.

Ever since Daddy passed in 1979, you have single handedly been the rallying point for the entire family. You ensured that we kept the good name of our father and also stressed the value of education. You ensured that we all completed school.
You took our burden as your burden and never complained about the enormity of the task before you. You saw our children as your children and you celebrated our children’s successes. It doesn’t stop there; I remember when I travelled to the UK in 2009 for my son’s graduation, even the grandchildren felt your impact. You taught them how to respect their elders, do the house chores, just to ease the burden on their mother. THIS IS TOTAL LOVE.

Every 26th of December, your home is the meeting point for all the families, particularly those who are resident in Lagos. We don’t just gather to wine, dine and discuss issues, you ensured that we dedicated time to PRAY.

I looked forward to seeing you at Temitope’s wedding in the UK In the month of May this year, unfortunately you were unable to attend. I appreciate all the prayers and support you rendered towards the success of the wedding.

At this point, words fail me, but you have left a huge void that only God can fill. You have left large shoes for us to fill.

This is not goodbye because I know when Jesus comes to take us home, we will see each other again to part no more.


Prince Oyewole Adeyemi Ola

What a loving, wonderful and exceptional Granny. I was accepted and welcomed the very moment she first set her eyes on me. I remember my extraordinary wedding cake, our welfare was her concern, a praying mother even while on phone with her. The sparkling and affectionate smiles her signature, never a dull moment with her. Rest on in the bosom of our Lord.

Aderolayo Akinuli’s children

Mama, though your death came as a surprise. But as a Christian we strongly believe that God has called you home for higher assignment. We grew up to know you as a devoted follower of Christ and always uphold your faith in Him no matter the circumstances that comes your way.  You came, you saw and conquered. O death where is your sting?  We are celebrating the shinning lifestyle you exhibited while on earth. 

Ma, rest in the bossom of God Almighty till we meet and part no more.  

Evangelist Bola Aderele Jp popularly called Anti Mayi by my nephews and niece.

This is my own tribute for our mother: We thank God for her life, mommy was a mother for all around her. She was a hardworking and a disciplinarian, she does not discriminate between her biological children and other children. When I was living with she treated me and my nephews and niece equally, what she input in my life was a one the things that I am enjoying in my own home today. She will be missed by all the lives she touched and she will be remembered for her motherly advice. May she continue to rest in the bosom of the LORD in Jesus name. May God give all of us the fortitude to bear the loss and may the Holy Spirit comfort us all in Jesus name shalom.

Aunty Esther

Auntie Ibirin as I usually referred to her was a honest down to earth woman. She made sure her children came close to me always, I really appreciate that about her. May her soul rest in peace and May God continue to watch over her family. Amen.

Your Dearest brother – Charles Akinboni

Dear Sister, Gboje as you fondly called me still rings in my ears. Only you and our father used to call me by that name. You are an inestimable jewel to the High Chief Ojomo Akinboni family, the family of your father and many other families.
You were a loving, caring and dependable sister, a great lover of God. I will greatly miss you and noble advices each time I ran to you for advice. I will keep on remembering the juices, apples, drinks and other items you sent through Frank your first born to me some few months before you died. That was a big evidence of how much you still cared for your brothers at your age.
You always stood by the truth and no one could sway you from the truth. My last visit to you some months ago, the way you hugged me was so loving and tender and was for a long time before you released me, not knowing that you were doing it for the last time. I believe you are a loving child of God because at the age of 82 years, you still chose to drive yourself to church and back home not because there was no driver available or even drivers because to God be the glory your children are well placed. For you to be able to do that at that age was by the special love and grace of God.
You were a very humble woman to the extreme and this has been your attribute from youth. When your father, High Chief Ojomo was regent of Idanre in Ondo state for nine and a half years, your humility and respect for others won you the love and comments of everyone. Sweet memory of your sweet self will forever remain in the family because you were the first born and you paved the way for all others who are shinning everywhere today and you laid the good foundation and excellent examples for us all.
We love you but Jesus loves you most. Rest in Peace my precious sister – omo Ogbuma, Ege ninu ade, Oko waka kun. Goodnight.


We last saw her on Tuesday July 2, 2019, while on admission at Lagos State Teaching Hospital. She looked frail and appeared weak. But she could recognize my wife and I. When we first arrived at about 9am, we couldn’t meet her, she had been taken outside for some tests. Then my wife had suggested and insisted that we should wait to see her, as we were scheduled to travel out to the UK the following day. Whether my wife had premonition of her imminent death, I would not know. But thank God that we waited to see her.
At about 2.30p.m we were led to her. After spending some twenty minutes with her, we prayed for her. Her lips moved but her voice was inaudible. A few days later, the news got to us in London that she had passed on to eternal glory. I felt empty and was very depressed. It was dawn on us that our loved one was gone and won’t come back again! Yes Mama Akoka is gone; gone forever, gone away from this sinful world; having finished her course on a glorious and winning note. It reminded me of Paul’s Valedictory letter to his spiritual son, Timothy, saying that he has finished his course. That statement has become an inspiring theological master piece for preachers and men of God. Indeed, Mama has finished her course; hence she is gone back home to be with the LORD, her Maker. Alleluyah!
Her life was impactive because it touched many lives in remarkable and positive ways. We will briefly do an impact assessment of that life below:
Family Life: She was a mother to all, by virtue of her unique position in the family. She provided good leadership for the enlarged family. She strived to build a united and coherent family, ensuring that everyone’s interest was respected and protected. She managed, to a large extent, to forge unity and internal cohesion among the family members by mending fences and building bridges across various groups, personalities and interests. Through her uncanny ability and human relations ingenuity, she was able to galvanize powerful centripetal forces, without allowing countervailing centrifugal forces to entrench themselves into the affairs of the family. And in that wise, she succeeded in maintaining harmonious relationship among family members. She was fair; equitable, and just to everyone and to every cause. She made other people’s problems her problem.
Business Life: After years of meritorious service, she retired from the services of the University of Lagos. Thereafter, she devoted her time to making various cakes, cookies and other related products for different customers and events. She taught many people the act of cake making. She did her job with high degree of responsibility, creativity and dexterity. She never failed to meet target date of product delivery. Above all, she was contended with her life and enjoyed peace of mind.
Social-Life: Mama Akoka was fashionable, cute and elegant. She was endowed with natural beauty. She would grace every occasion to which she was invited with dignity and high sense of responsibility. She was a good “mixer”. She was virtually at home with every kind of people; celebrating with those who were celebrating and mourning with those mourning.
Personal Attributes: Mama Akoka was kind, hospitable and an unrelenting giver. She was candid, principled and frank on issues that bothered on truth and equity. She was a woman of integrity, moral rectitude and of impeccable character. She was down-to-earth in her reaction to issues of life. And whenever she was excited about any issue, she would burst into a loud and prolonged laughter. Her laughter was no doubt a way to express her genuiness of heart and happiness. But she would not spare any effort to ensure that issues and misunderstandings were settled amicably and in a timely fashion. She was indeed a peace maker. However, she would not compromise on moral issues, bothering on equity, fairness, and justice.
Mama Akoka’s love for people was exemplary and her care for others was legendary. She believed in giving good home training to those under her care. Her own children benefitted immensely from this too. Today, their behaviours are reflective of the type of training they got from their mother. They are humble, polite, respectful and courteous in relating to others.
If you came visiting Mama Akoka, she would make sure that you did not leave her presence without a “takeaway”
Her spiritual Life: She was deeply spiritual; giving to a life of prayer and fasting. She served her God diligently and fervently. She was a prayer saint. There was no how anyone would leave her presence without a word of prayer from her.
Personal Relationship
We were very close and we maintained that intimacy up to the time she passed on to eternal glory. Of course, everyone in the family knew this. It is on record that she played lead role in major events of my life and my family. For instance, she played prominent role in my wedding some forty years ago. She was also visibly active in the weddings of three of my children, in spite of her old age. Of course, she was well known in my Church, having made herself available severally and prominently whenever we had family-related events to celebrate in the Church.
Her demise, to me, is a personal loss. Every member of my family would miss her greatly.
Final Notes
It is really difficult to come to terms with the reality of the fact that our beloved Auntie is no more; gone to be with the Lord. It is painful yet glorious for her.
Her life was useful, purposeful and impactful; touching many lives, in many positive ways. Abraham Lincoln once said that “at the end of it all, what counts is not the number of years in your life but the number of lives in your year”. A life that is not impactful and purposeful is a wasted one. But Mama Akoka’s life was indeed impactful and blissful. We will surely miss this irrepressible woman, who meant different things to different people. The bible reveals what her death meant to God as it says: “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His saint” (Psalm 116:15).
Our beloved Auntie and Mummy rest on in the bosom of God, your Maker. May the God of all Comfort, comfort us all, give us strength and emotional ability to come to terms with the reality that our loved one is gone!
Revd. Dr. Benson Omomukuyo

Olawale Olorunfemi

How my tears flow ceaselessly when I learnt of your departure. She was a prayerful, loving, kind
woman full of faith and godliness. A mother of a good soul. The beautiful moments and memories I shared with you will never been forgotten. I will miss you so much. Have a peaceful rest in eternity.

Dr Olubodun

Well, we all have to one day submit to death, but the life we lived leaves a good or otherwise memories with those we left behind. Mama lived a life of sacrifice and I will miss her and sincerely so. Rest in Peace.

Mr & Rev Dr Wole and Foluke Ola

Granny Lagos our mummy. Little things remembered becomes so important and special now. Your lovely laughter filled the room. Your phone prayers so wonderful. When we call we must have enough credit because as you hear our voice and know we are the ones you begin to pray. Or your words “the little boy who tries…….Your love, care, scolding at times, your dressing sense, oh how lovely. Is it your smile or sometimes your frown? You brought us all together.
May the Lord comfort, protect us all and keep us all us In Jesus name, Amen.

Seun Olorunfemi

Dear Grandma, Thanks for being who you were during your days here on earth, Thanks for loving everyone so dearly, at least I know that you love me, thanks for your concern about the progress of everyone around you, and your concerned about me as well. For the prayers, admonition, care and love you showed all around you, this can never be forgotten in a hurry.
As much as we love you to be here with us, you are no more. We find our solace in God and also thank Him that has spared your life thus far till this old age. We pray He receives you into His bosom and keep us all your friends, family, children & grandchildren here on earth to live longer
than you in Jesus name.
Lots of Luv mama. Miss U mama

Mrs Titi Akinboni

My mummy, what can I say, words are not enough to express your love towards me as your daughter, and not as daughter-in-law. Always happy when by your side. I seize this opportunity
To say a big thank you again for the role you played during my son’s wedding.
I rejoice in my heart today, because, God gave me another opportunity to see you when I visited
Nigeria some time ago, I never knew that would be the last time I would see you.
You loved God so much, that you served him till the end. You loved your children and your family as a whole, I missed you beloved mummy, sleep on till we meet to part no more. Bye Beloved mummy. You are forever missed in my Heart. May your gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace. Good night mummy.

Deji Olorunfemi.

A great mother with a great heart, beautiful in all ways and endearing. I look back at your labour of love and how much of your lifetime you spent on knees praying and I can only say that your existence really was a blessing and your impact in all spheres of our lives as your children will never be forgotten. For all of your sacrifices, I say thank you and I pray that was you have always made eternity your priority, you will
not fall short. Rest well mother, till we meet and part no more, God be with you. Goodnight mom.

Shola Akintola (London, United kingdom)

Big Mummy, as I always call you, First of all I would like to thank God almighty for a wonderful life spent,
you you taught me a lot of things, how to be respectful, pray, I still remember the morning devotions when you will pick me to pray (even though I never knew what to say, I had to quickly learn)
I remember the advice you gave me on how to be able to use my hands to do something irrespective of my academic qualifications,
Growing up your black Jerry curled hair always stood out and you were always there for everyone, you were an adviser, a hardworking lady, a peace maker, a disciplinarian, a person that the whole family looked up to, but above all a prayer warrior, and even now I can still hear you utter these words to me (Remain blesssed)
I have been and continue to be blessed to have had you as my one and only Big mummy. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.

Olufunke Oduwole (Nee Onadeko)

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. -2 Timothy 4:7

To me, this verse is a true reflection of Grandma Olubodun’s life.

I’ve known Grandma Olubodun most of my life. I remember when we first became neighbours at Soluyi Estate, she immediately became like a Grandma to my siblings and I. We got rides with her to school and on several occasions, we spent time with her in her office while waiting to be picked up by my Mum. Grandma Olubodun was always so calm, kind and patient as well as being strict and a disciplinarian. She had a very pretty and calming smile… had a way of making me feel relaxed and at peace.

Baking was always a regular activity in her home…… kids we got to taste all aspects of the cake baking process, from ingredients being mixed to the baked cake.

Grandma Olubodun always seemed to go out of her way to assist at all times and in all places…..A fond memory I will always have of her. Even as recently as the naming ceremony of my daughter where she played a pivotal role in organizing the ceremony and even naming my daughter Oluwapamilerinayo. I remember then how concerned she was that everything should be done properly, and that the ceremony should turn out well.

Grandma, I appreciate you……although I am so saddened that you are no longer with us, I am at peace that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord. You certainly finished your race well and left an indelible mark behind….. I will miss you greatly.


Coordinator. (Dcns. Adu) Lagos Province 40 Elders’ Choir.

It was a rude shock to the entire Elders’ choir, when we heard about the death of mummy.

Immediately my mind as the coordinator of the choir, flashed back to the person who could make things alright no matter the situation.

 Her warmth, her radiance and elegance could cure any worries, always smiling. She had a very strong personality, like Deborah in the Bible.

Ever ready to solve problems in the group during rehearsals. Always saying to me “ma ni suru”

I could not figure out her age, because of the way she related to us as if we were all equals.

Her heart was filled with love and great understanding, for the choir members. How can I forget your smile that consoled troubled souls?

Mama Olubodun was the oldest, yet she was real, humble, kind, and generous.

In my House Fellowship, she was always bringing biscuits and fruits at every meeting day.

Her last phone call to me was that she was at her children’s place, receiving treatment. That was our last conversation.

Mummy, at your age, you still went to Bible college “The Redeem Christian Church of God Bible College.

Well, I believe you are on a trip to meet your maker, where you will have everlasting rest.

Rest on, good mummy, my greatest joy is the salvation of your soul, your love for God and your love for mankind.

In Elders Choir, we shall miss your “SOPRANO ” the sweet beautiful golden voice.

Again I say that the Almighty God will hold you in His palms to carry you to paradise, singing among the saints. Rest in the bosom of the LORD until resurrection day when we shall meet joyfully and part no more. Adieu MAMA RERE

Evangelist Adeteye(mama ibukun)

Mummy, I am thankful for the moment we shared together, the lessons I learnt from you, your selflessness, the value you place on humanity. I have always drunk from your well of wisdom and it pains me to say goodbye, rest in God’s bosom. I will miss you, dearest mummy estate.

Pastor Moses Oludayo

A huge tree had fallen, a memorable edifice had collapsed leaving its inhabitants homeless, however, we cannot alter the course of nature, “all that breathe must die”. This gave us the reality that God’s judgement has no appeal

Mama Olubodun, you were a great woman of your time, a role model to many, a symbol of discipline, hard work, love, peace and harmony

Your strength in God was exceptional, you had a generous heart that can never be compared, an open heart and gracious mind, you moved to a greater glory but you will always be adored in my hearts

You are gone but your legacy lives

At your age, you looked too strong to die, you travelled unaided and did thing a younger person than your age couldn’t do However, we are consoled with the fact that the measure of life is not in its duration but In its donation

Life is surely a journey and heaven is the destination

My mother and my daughter in the Lord, continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord

Oluwatoyin Oludayo


When people talked about death, I didn’t have the fairest idea of what it meant until it took you away. I can succinctly remember one of your favourite quotes, “Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. You always ensured things were done in the best and most appropriate manner. I can’t believe you are gone!

I had waited for your arrival from Akure. I am still waiting for someone to tell me it was a dream

May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Tribute from Mummy Olubodun’s house fellowship centre. 6, Science Road, Unilag Estate, Magodo

Dear Mummy,

You are a very committed, astute and devoted member of the house fellowship. You come wearing a cheerful and friendly smile and hand over refreshments to me which you single handily provide for every member at every fellowship you attend. We all looked forward to having you around. Since You left, nobody has been able to fill your space.

You are so cordial, polite and amiable and respectful. Never a burden and so independent. You blend with us young ones so very well. You are such a God lover, so passionately seeking God, you go to church religiously and attend programs upon programs just to dwell in the presence of God.

 We all miss you dear Mummy. Continue to rest in the bosom of Our Lord.


Mrs Grace T Onuoha.

Tribute to late Mrs Margaret I Olubodun also known as “Aunty mi”.

I met Mrs Margaret I Olubodun 1979 when i joined the services of the university of Lagos and was posted to Unilag guest houses. As soon as we met as co-workers she began to position herself as a senior sister to me. At that time i was new in Nigeria without any friend or relative. She drew me closer to her and her family.  She was always there when I needed someone to listen to me. She played a big role in helping me to settle down in a place where i was a total stranger. She was the “Naomi ” of my life. She was a very principled woman well respected by all members of her immediate and extended family. She was a loving sister and aunty to my family.  I will never forget the love and kindness she showered on my late mother when she visited us in Lagos. Our relationship grew so strong that when I call her aunty me, she would reply saying “yes dear”.

She made sure that my family was always a part of her family during Christmas/end of year celebrations.

Aunty mi, we will miss you dearly but we are rest assured that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Your memories have profound effect on me and my family will never fade away. May your goodness and kindness showered on my family follow your children, grandchildren and extended family forever and ever in Jesus mighty name.

Sun re O, Rest in perfect peace Aunty mi.


Mummy Olubodun a Senior Non Teaching Staff at the University of Lagos – Unilag became my colleague and neighbour in 1986 when I joined Unilag as a Lecturer.

Colleagues forget Favours ! But True Friends are always there no matter how long or how many miles away they are.

Hence Mummy Olubodun as my Friend/Big Sister was never more than the reach of a need, Reaching out to me, intervening in my favour, waiting for me with open arms or with blessings for life!

How true is our parents advice to us all – Never forgets your friends as they become more important as you get older!

When my biological mum Grace passed away in 1996; Mummy Olubodun replaced her in my life playing vital role in the naming ceremonies of the first granddaughters of my two daughters in London in 2012 & 2016!

She named my first grand daughter Grace after my mum and she wasn’t aware of the connections.

Friends are the family you choose for yourself hence Mummy Olubodun’s children are part of my family today. Her first daughter lives very close to me in London.

The last time I visited Mummy Olubodun was last year in Lagos; and was looking forward to her visit to London soon!

Rest in Peace our sweet mother! Till we meet to part no more!

We love you but Jesus loves you more!

Ibukun Adeteye

For every life, there is a purpose. We cannot always know this purpose, but
Some people seem destined to live a life of love and inspiration. Grandma (Mummy Estate) as
we’ve grown to know was a gift from heaven who taught everyone around her what friendship,
love, humbleness and goodness were truly about…She calls me most times to check on me and
gives good and sound advice. It’s so sad that you have to leave me now without fulfilling that
which you’ve expected me to do. The truly good belong in heaven, and I know that you are
smiling on us from there and guiding us along the way. May your Soul rest in Peace…Shalom

Distinguished Professor Ayodeji Olukoju former VC, Caleb University.

Awww! What a great loss! Seyi’s “Maama” left, just like that!. She was a veritable pillar of support
to us at 12 Adebo, Ilupeju and during our shared travails as evictees on Ozolua Road. A woman of
strong character, natural beauty, taste, enterprise and intuition. Mama Olubodun was the illustrious first daughter of the 2i/c of the Owa of Idanre & a long serving staff of the Guest Houses, UNILAG.

On behalf of the Olukoju family, I commiserate with Frank, Toyin, Wole, Bode, & Idowu (“ID”) on her transition. The dead in Christ shall rise again. It is well.

Mrs Fadiyimu

Mama, Iya Idanre as I differentiate you from others. So embracing, accepting
People and adopting them as your own. Never tired in giving to hospitality and prayers, your love
For God and people is amazing, your commitment to helping people is worth emulation. Knowing you was a privilege. Sleep on, sleep on mama until we meet at the Master’s feet.

Mrs Adegbite Folake

Tribute to a great woman of discipline, truthfulness, God-fearing and love for humanity. A diva in
cake making. A mentor. Thank you mama for your contributions to the lives you touched. A mother in deed, Rest on.

Olufunke Oduwole (Nee Onadeko)

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. -2 Timothy 4:7

To me, this verse is a true reflection of Grandma Olubodun’s life.

I’ve known Grandma Olubodun most of my life. I remember when we first became neighbours at Soluyi Estate, she immediately became like a Grandma to my siblings and I. We got rides with her to school and on several occasions, we spent time with her in her office while waiting to be picked up by my Mum. Grandma Olubodun was always so calm, kind and patient as well as being strict and a disciplinarian. She had a very pretty and calming smile… had a way of making me feel relaxed and at peace.

Baking was always a regular activity in her home…… kids we got to taste all aspects of the cake baking process, from ingredients being mixed to the baked cake.

Grandma Olubodun always seemed to go out of her way to assist at all times and in all places…..A fond memory I will always have of her. Even as recently as the naming ceremony of my daughter where she played a pivotal role in organizing the ceremony and even naming my daughter Oluwapamilerinayo. I remember then how concerned she was that everything should be done properly, and that the ceremony should turn out well.

Grandma, I appreciate you……although I am so saddened that you are no longer with us, I am at peace that you are resting in the bossom of the Lord. You certainly finished your race well and left an indelible mark behind….. I will miss you greatly.