By G9ija

HP, producers of laptops, has  made good on its promise to continue to provide its Nigerian customers with its latest innovative products. 

This followed the launch of its newest products in Lagos.

The event, which held at Film House Cinemas, Twin Waters Entertainment Centre, Oniru, Lagos featured a run through of some of the innovations and advancements which HP has brought to its Premium, Mid-range and entry level Laptops.

Speaking at the event, HP’s Consumer Personal Systems Category Manager for Central Africa, Adeyinka Fakunmoju said that HP’s mission has always been to meet users’ expectations for innovative products through its laptops, especially with the Envy, Spectre, Omen and Pavilion series.

Taking guests which included the media through some of the advancements that have been introduced into the new HP product range, Fakunmoju said that the latest products showcases the cutting-edge technology that HP is known for, while introducing a more matured performance within a very cost-effective price.

“One of the features we want to showcase today is the fact that within the ‘Envy 2019 products’, we introduced and enhanced the PCs with more security features.

According to Fakunmoju, with the Omen range, HP has reinvented the gaming experience, by providing the best performing PC without restriction to enhance their gaming lifestyle, these devices come with top-class graphics card and processor.

He stressed that within the Envy series, HP has introduced the latest technology available within the consumer line-up that are insured against visual and virtual hacking.

“In terms of the design, we’ve tried to bring forward the features we’ve seen in consumer electronics within our houses, even within fashion. We’ve seen that there is a growing trend of wood coming into the home, and we are trying to bring wood panels into consumer laptops.

“With the HP Envy, we are bringing the wood design into the market. We are very excited about this. The wood design is unique to every design that you see. The authentic walnut that we use on these designs is unique to each device. The same way your palms don’t having the same prints, there are no two Envy that have the same wood print,” he added.

With security becoming more of a concern among today’s device users, Fakunmoju said that HP ramped up the security features in the new Envy device with a privacy switch on the camera as well as camera kill switch. This is in addition to a more secure BIOS, a finger print reader that gives an extra level of security, as well as a Sure View feature which prevents intruders from seeing what the user is working on.