By G9ija

Vlogger and author Toke Makinwa puts out a word of encouragement to single parents who have to struggle in caring for their kids basic necessities.

Toke prays that God will ease their burden and visit them at the point they need him the most. Read her message here.

She wrote:

This back to school week has been a lot for some “single” parents out there, my heart goes out to every single mother and father raising these kids out here by themselves, not knowing where help will come from, not complaining, some still waiting on child support that might not come, those who pick themselves up every single day to do what they need to do to pay school fees, then there is the married but still doing everything alone, it feels like you are single cos your partner ain’t pulling his/her weight, those who have cried to bed and gotten up the next day to get them babies up and in time for school….My prayer is that God will visit you all and ease your burden, I salute your courage, pls have a drink for you this weekend, you are the real Champ💪💪💪💪 big hug 🤗