By OlaTunde M.D.

Westlake schools had their graduation ceremony recently, which featured the graduating class of 2019.

The occasion witnessed various performances, which includes academic, cultural and musical display.

All the children were awarded certificates for their various achievements.

Below is the speech given by the Head of School.


What a joy in my heart today to see us all gathered again to celebrate the second series of our school’s Accolade/ Prize giving Ceremony with such great ambiance.
As we know, an accolade is an award granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgment of merit.
Over the past one year all our royals have shown excellent performances within their capacity and strength and since it’s our culture in Westlake School to bring out and celebrate the best in each child, hence the name Accolade/Prize giving Ceremony!
In Westlake School we believe strongly that every child is a winner and should be celebrated as such.
Therefore, as you watch and listen to all the performances and show of academic skills and mental prowess of the children, remember that each child has his or her own unique abilities that must be guarded but more importantly that EVERY OF OUR ROYALS IS A WINNER!
Head of school

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