By G9ija

Nicolas Maduro ratified General Vladimir Padrino as Defense Minister and announced changes in some high commands of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).

Since October 24, 2014, Padrino is a Defense Minister, he served as head of the Operational Strategic Command of the FANB (Ceofanb) until June 2017, and currently also serves as the Sectoral Vice President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace.

The head of State also confirmed Admiral Chief Remigio Ceballos as head of Ceofanb, Admiral Giuseppe Alessandrello as head of the Bolivarian Navy and Major General Pedro Alberto Juliac as head of the Bolivarian Military Aviation.

During the act in which more than 900 officers belonging to the Bicentennial of the Liberating Campaign of New Granada were graduated, held in the the courtyard of Honor of the Bolivarian Military University, in Fort Tiuna, the president announced the appointment of new commanders of several military bodies.

Maduro appointed Major General Alexis Rodriguez as general commander of the Bolivarian Army, replacing Jesus Suarez.

Major General Fabio Zavarce will replace Richard Lopez as head of the Bolivarian National Guard, while Manuel Bernal will command the Bolivarian National Militia replacing Carlos Leal, previously appointed as Minister for Food.