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The outspoken Wilder, a knockout artist, has previously broached the subject and with a history of ill-feeling against Breazeale it was raised in an interview with the Daily Mail.

Breazeale and Wilder have traded insults after Breazeale mocked Wilder’s disable daughter.

Asked if he would feel no remorse if Breazeale didn’t recover from the beating he intends to subject him to, Wilder said: Not one bit of remorse.

Dominic Breazeale has raised the ire of Deontay Wilder ahead of their WBC heavyweight title fight.

He then went on to explain it was part of the game and the consequences had to be accepted. Because this is boxing. This is what we do. This is what we sign up for,” he said.

People on the outside will never understand this sport. They will never understand what we have to go through, break our body down. We are fighting for our lives in the ring anyway. Anything can happen. Your head is not meant to be hit in the first place. One little tap can end it all.

You talk about me killing the guy? If it happens, it happens. When you are dealing with a situation like this and it’s personal, I don’t mean well for him, nor do he mean well for me. So I speak truth. That’s why people love me till this day. Because I speak facts, I speak truth. I’m a realist and I speak how it is. I’m going to handle my business in the ring accordingly, I promise you that.

Deontay Wilder says he isn't surprised Tyson Fury doesn't want a rematch with him right now.

I’m not taking Breazeale easy. I’m taking him as if he were a champion. That’s how serious I’m taking this. He’s going to be the guinea pig in this experiment. I don’t like him. At all. What he’s done is unacceptable and I can’t wait for this fight. I mean business. Trust me.

The top tier of the division remains fractured with Wilder having one belt and Britain’s Anthony Joshua the rest. Then there’s the successful re-emergence of Tyson Fury who fought a spectacular draw with Wilder last December in Los Angeles. All three are aligned to different broadcasters making deals even tougher to engineer.

Wilder, 33, says the division will be unified in time and maintains he will be the man holding all the belts.

He says he turned down a $193m multi-fight deal with DAZN where Joshua is signed because of strategic reasons. He feels he is more able to control his own destiny by remaining loyal to Showtime

It won’t be difficult for me to make those fights with Fury and Joshua,’ says Wilder. ‘I’m betting on myself. I move as I please. Those guys, they have to do as they are told. I make commands and demands. They take them. That’s the difference between me and them. I’m like the wild card in all this. I move where I want. I can move freely.

Soon I will be the highest paid athlete in the world. If no one believes it, just watch. You’ll see. The DAZN deal wasn’t right. You can’t do a deal if you don’t know the other parts of the deal. If information is withheld from you, how can you proceed further?

Wilder said a rematch with Fury would be a piece of cake. Fury and his people know that,” Wilder told the Daily Mail.

That’s why they didn’t take the rematch. I gave Fury a concussion that night. He don’t even know how he got on the ground. And when a man don’t know how he got on the ground or got up, he’s in a bad place.

How can a man win after being put on his ass twice? I have never seen a challenger beat the champion having been put on his ass twice. The referee helped him out big time. If he beat me so dramatically, if he out-pointed me so much, then why not a rematch? Surely it would be easy for him, the way he’s talking. But that’s not the case.