By G9ija

One person who received the passport said she was “truly appalled” by the removal of the EU from the passport.
How British passports will look like post-Brexit has been a sticking point for those who supported to remain in the EU and a rallying call for some supporters of the Leave campaign, after a decision by the UK government in 2017 to change passports from burgundy to dark blue.

Former UKIP leader and ardent Brexit supporter Nigel Farage has previously described the change as his idea of “Brexmas”.

The UK Home Office said that in order to use the “best value to the taxpater, passports that include the words “European Union” will continue to be issued for a short period”.

Britain was expected to leave the EU on the 29 March.

Prime Minister Theresa May has since requested two extensions, one granted and the latest a request by May on Friday for Article 50 to be extended up to June 30.

The UK is currently scheduled to leave on April 12, after a first extension was already granted.