By G9ija

The abductors of Takum based businessman, Alhaji Mayo, are still holding him after collecting N100m. The family members of Alhaji Mayo, have expressed worries over the refusal of his kidnappers to release him after collecting N100 million as ransom fee.

The spokesperson of the abducted businessman’s family, Mallam Ibrahim Takum, said Alhaji Mayo was abducted 40 days ago in Takum and the abductors demanded N100 million which was paid to them, but did not make the release as promised.


According to him, the abductors, after collecting N100million, further demanded additional N100 million. He said after series of negotiation between family members of the businessman over the demand of additional ransom, to their dismay, the abductors have stopped further communication.

He also mentioned that the family is worried about welfare of Tanku and to know if he is still alive Mallam Ibrahim said their fear is made stronger by what happened to a member of Taraba House of Assembly Mr Hosea Ibbi, who was abducted in December 2018 but got killed after his family paid N28 million ransom.

According to him, the abduction of the businessman was beyond mere kidnapping, adding that there could be other motives behind the abduction.