By G9ija

The Birmingham boxer had his licence suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control after he was disqualified from the fight and had been urged to apologise for his actions.

In a statement, Ali said: I would like to apologise for my unacceptable behaviour in my fight against David Price.

I am sorry to all boxing fans, to my team, my family, the British Boxing Board, David Price, his team, and his family.

I am hugely embarrassed for my actions and the way the whole fight unfolded.

The occasion got the better of me and those who know me, including David, can testify that my behaviour on Saturday during the fight was not a true reflection of who I am.

The 27-year-old was forced to leave the ring under protection from security as drinks were thrown from the crowd, following his disqualification in the fifth round by referee Mark Lyson.

Ali faces a disciplinary hearing in April in front of the BBBofC and chose not to comment in too much detail at this stage, but did say that Price has accepted his apology.

I have had a conversation with David Price,” said Ali. I really appreciate the way he has shown great dignity in how he has dealt with the matter and has graciously accepted my apology.

I admit that it was embarrassing for me, but I learned that nobody appreciates such poor behaviour.